Fundition a 1 Million in Steem Delegated Project: Interview With Founder @Hightouch

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Authored by Futurethinker / July 19 2018


At the age of five Ozden Cetinkaya (@hightouch) moved from Turkey to France, where he would be involved in various projects throughout his life. Before he created @fundition which is a non-profit(!) crowdfunding project, he worked on @dtube. All the projects he has ever worked on before were aimed at humantarian efforts, which makes him a genuine entrepreneur in my opinion, someone who work to create better lives for others that is in the spirit of entrepreneurship!

Fundition is a platform similar to Kickstarter where people can raise funds for their projects. I am always amazed to see how many initiatives there are on the Steem platform while we are such a small community compared to other social media websites. I can not imagine how many more initiatives there will be when more people are joining Steemit. Fundition can turn out to be very valuable for Steem as it could help more people succeed with their project, which will encourage more undertakings. These individual project in turn could bring more value to Steem, which is why I am excited to see that Steemit Inc. has decided to support Fundition.

Fundition is not only focused on the Steem community but Ozden is looking out to disrupt the crowdfunding industry. Built on the Steem blockchain Fundition has features that could give them a huge edge over the convential platforms. Ozden mentions 3 points.

  1. No transfer fees
  2. Supporting projects through investing in Steem
  3. Collaboration

For convential crowdfunding a lot of money is lost due to the fees, which is a waste as all that money could go to the projects. Steem can be transferred with zero fees.

This is one of the innovative ways of supporting projects that is made possible on the Steem blockchain. An investor does not need to donate all the money to the project, but instead they can use the money to Power up in Steem and then support the project through upvotes. When the investors does not want to support the project for any reason, they can simply withdraw back their funds.

People on Fundition have the ability to help the project creators directly by investing their time. They can for example help to promote them by posting about them. Fundition will bring this more personal relationship between doners and project creators.

All in all I am excited about this project and if you want learn more about fundition watch the interview below and give their website a try!


Steemit page:

Interview is taken by @evecab

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Thanks to the @promo-mentors team for their help, their profesionnalism and their kindness. It was a pleasure to work on that interview with you.


Aytac Ozden CETINKAYA | Architect
Email :

Join a community with heart based giving at its core


We enjoyed it very much! Thank you for taking the time. :)

In a world full of trouble, pestilence and hunger, Fundition is using the blockchain to spread love and reach out to those at a disadvantaged position. I am glad to be part and parcel of the project and what it can achieve is limitless.

Shaid | Ambassador (Nigeria)
Email :

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A very noble cause indeed!


wow those buttons you made for the links look awesome. How could I get some of those for myself?


Great work @fundition is doing. Glad to know Shais is the Nigerian ambassador.

I think we should be seriously impressed by what @hightouch and @fundition have built. It's great for people with all types of projects across the Steem Blockchain, particularly Humanitarian projects, and I'm personally pleased to see the fundraising success for these so far.

I think with the comparisons to Kickstarter it has potential to bring new people into Steemit, and with this "promo" angle I felt it was worth introducing @hightouch to @futurethinker to talk about the Founders story and the Fundition project so far. Thanks for all that you do to make these interview videos @evecab & @futurethinker - let's see who we can find to next to spread some more inspiration!


Thanks @cryptocurator! It is indeed inspiring to see projects like fundition because of their drive to distrupt an industry. And above all it's amazing that they are non-profit!


Agreed - that is brilliant.

This is really good to see that people like @hightouch have a mind to help other projects. I actually like the idea of Fundition and I listed my project on it too.
Good one!


We imagine Altruistic could benefit from Fundition a lot!

Thank you @promo-mentors

Thank you for being a loyal Funditian and helping spread the voice of Fundition all around, we really appreciate your efforts to try and promote Fundition. As a token of our gratitude, please accept this upvote from us. Take care and keep spreading the word about Fundition whenever you can, so, we can grow and help as many people as possible. We wish you all the best.

If you are reading this and you aren’t the author of this post, what are you waiting for, Join Fundition and let’s together make a change, a change that will make this World Better even Amazing !

Fundition is a next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain.

Read the full details of Fundition Fund program

Learn more about Fundition by reading our purplepaper

Join a community with heart based giving at its core


Our pleassure! We hope to introduce Fundition to our community :)

And such a great guy, humble over all. And believe me that humility is power too, a lot of power indeed.

Well deserved HT for all the hard work you have done and joining all that beautiful team working for the people via @fundition!

Peace V!

And resteemed of course....


Thanks for the support @leotrap!

You are a lovely writer man, keep it up. Using scorum?


Thank you @haseez. I do not.

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Thanks for planning and sharing this interview @futurethinker and @evecab!


Thanks @dedicatedguy =)

this is a tremendous breakthrough and will help many people out there.
this is amazing.


We believe so too!

I love this idea and I'm already curious to know more as I'd like to present our project @cyclefeed.

Great initiative, thanks for sharing.


It doesn't hurt to try! Good luck @mrprofessor!

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Yes this is a welcome development. @hightouch indeed it is a fantastic program you have got there with @fundition. Lots of people are going to benefit from this. Thank you so much @promo-mentors

Despite the troubles that happens in our world, beautiful concept like @fundition still puts smiles on faces.
I love helping and I look forward to working with @hightouch and the @fundtion team.
The website is superb!


Agree, in this world there is light if you look at the right places!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts @mickyscofield !

What a brilliant project!

Thank you for the wonderful interview and getting to know more about the founder of Fundation.

That was truly inspiring.

Thanks for the big heart you have for the community


It's really good

Wow! You are still young... A handsome guy... I did not expect... You have a good project! I support you like I did to @youarehope and @familyprotection.

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