Like yourself I’m here for long term as well.

I enjoyed watching your vlog and STEEM Blockchain has bright future and we’ll only start seeing many good projects getting big fat delegation soon!

Just like Bitcoin steem will become mainstream after few years of building the infrastructure.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Not sure how i missed this. I was going crazy with the analysis i posted yesterday so probably thats the reason. What can i say on this. I mostly agree with your points.
But still.. I really cant guess what they have going in the background. The hiveminds or smts you mentioned. Would more delegation really take away from their focus? I dont neccessarily think that..
I dont know their reasons for keeping away from community projects. Sure we can try guessing, but i do know that SP could do some good rather then staying idle.

Going crazy haha, that's why I stay away from females XD I think many humans think we geeks do something wild in the background. Most times we just sit at a computer. So Steemit Inc probably also do that, sit at computer and think of better code to improve systems :)

A very wise way to look at the future! We can't invite everyone here so fast, while development and build-out is still taking place.

I am working towards dolphin, and I'm almost there, not too far away now, starting with quite little and working for a year here has given lots of dividends in my life as well, how I see the future and its potential.

I like the way you think, I'll follow you now for a while just to see if you say anything else interesting ;p

That is so right! We have to be careful inviting too many people before the technology is ready. We need to keep growing slow and steady while major development is happening, dozens of d.apps have continued to push out updates and features.

I too am working my way to dolphin, I'm not that far away and I started low here on the platform, learning and testing each thing.

I'm following you now, I like the way you think ;p

I have to say I agree with what you are calling out for here. However there are both positive and negatives in doing this. its not just as simple as it seems. We also seen delegations given in the past and many of which were abused. Not sure if you know, but @ned does delegate from his personal account and so far only 1 awesome steemain has managed to not abuse and hold on to this deletion. its a long story but you will find it in older posts on the block.

Value drip out slower is much better yes. :)

I am here for the long haul. It will take years of building for mass adoption. Eventually, the majority will see the problems they face and join this platform. So, I see a bright future for Steem.

Nice photography

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that is good video to learn from and i am interested in delegation , but never understood the fundamantal , hence never delegated SP, give me some more information

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Try to put some more effort into comments. What specific is that you want to know about Steem Power? Have you read the FAQ and Manual on Steemit. The starting guide?

Nice one which i loved it .

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Congratulations bro... great job. Greetings from venezuela.

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