Daily Pump - Leg Workout

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Hello guys,
I know I have been dormant now for a long while, but now I'm ready to come back to the social media world!
I had to have a reason to do it, because I wasn't really up to create content since I came back from Malta.
However now I do have a specific goal, I wanna reach 75 Kg, not in a specific amount of time, but between 12 - 16 weeks approx.
I waited my self in the morning, and I was 83.6 Kg, therefore I will count this as my starting point, and guys please cheer me up, because I am real ease to pick up that pizza or burger that is untouched 😜.

I won't be talking so much about diet, however I will put here and there what I usually eat to cut my body fat down. This channel will focus primarily on workout routines.

WOD: Leg Workout

  • Barbell Squats: 4 SETS | 15 REPS
  • Still Leg Deadlift: 4 SETS | 15 REPS
  • Lying Le Curls: 4 SETS | 15 REPS
  • Bulgarian Splits Squats: 4 SETS | 15 REPS (per leg)
  • Leg Extensions: 4 SETS | 15 REPS (focus on contraction - better if you keep hands on quads)

Hope you guys enjoy this routine, MORE TO COME!

My video is at DLive

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Glad to see you back after such a long holiday!
It's time to get into good shape again!

I'll tell you in Spanish-

Gracias mi pana..

Excellent exercises ..

I understand you perfectly friend, you do not have to apologize, all at some time we need a break, I like your physical condition and how you pose your challenges, a great training