100 SteemMonster Card Giveaway!!!! Drawing Names From A Hat Live!!!!!

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If you entered the giveaway I will be giving out the cards live right now!!!!! Grab some junk food or whatever your pleasure is and enjoy the stream!!!!

My live stream is at DLive

Everyone that entered the giveaway has been assigned a number check for your number below

@karenmckersie 1 @swolesome 2 @marjanko 3 @joy2018t 4 @peraza82 5 @nextgen622 6 @nuthman 7 @bollutech 8 @pizzachain 9 @doctorcrypto 10 @freyman 11 @accioncultural 12 @hafizul 13 @princeemmanuel 14 @gazetagaleguia 15 @ireneblessing 16 @coolbowser 17 @sparkesy43 18 @coolguy222 19 @aliyah2017 20 @trisquelwhare 21 @seesladen 22 @aaablogger-tech 23 @aiyumi 24 @cassidyandfranks 25 @ederaleng 26 @pachu 27 @accio 28 @angelica7 29 @bitius 30 @suzanrs 31 @steamdan 32 @thatsweeneyguy 33 @artakush 34 @iamchijamz 35 @bellapatra 36 @crystalpacheco30 37 @bcrafts 38 @gutzygwin 39 @onefatindian 40 @chukwuebukaa 41 @bobbythegreat 42 @heyimsnuffles 43 @toocurious 44 @kiokizz 45 @tsnaks 46 @bwar 47 @tojukaka 48 @mattclarke 49 @gvand 50 @pardinus 51 @mafaldation 52 @warnas 53 @trincowski 54 @arcanu 55 @cryptocopy 56 @pataty69 57 @twodorks 58 @mellofello 59

Cards I will Be giving out
70 Commons Including 5 Gold
20 Rares Including 2 Rare Gold
8 Epics
2 Legendaries

Just Uploaded "ShitCoins" on Musicoin!!!! Click on the picture to listen to the song!!!!

Join our discord today!!!!!

Don't forget to vote for @Block-Buster for Witness!!!


To vote, use the link above, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter block-buster into the box and click the VOTE button:

I hope you all enjoy this post!!!!!

Until the next post


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Sweet! Thanks man. Just noticed I had mine today!


hope you enjoy!!!!!!

Awwww, I missed the live show. I guess I missed out, bummer. Thanks for the opportunity though.


Check your account on SteemMonsters I sent you a card.


Oh cool, thanks. Appreciate you hosting the generous giveaway. Hope you find more gold legendaries and best of luck with SM. Are you selling any cards? I am searching for a Selena Sky for 9 STEEM.

OMG!!! A Gold Goblin Shaman! Thanks!


Hope you enjoy it!!!!


I did! Thank you. 😄


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

Thank you! My first gold card! Woohoo!


I hope you enjoy your card!!!!!

Thanks for this @mrviquez. Your livestream was fun to watch, and I've just subscribed to you, as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your content.







I'm glad you had a good time!!!!

Thanks for the cards @mrviquez 👍


You're welcome!!!

Thanks a lot!!


Anytime homie!!!!


Anytime I hope you like your cards!!!!!


They were awesome, thank you!😀👍👹

Oh I got a gold after I went to sleep! Yay! Thanks!


Surprise surprise glad you like the card!!!

Holy shit!
Golden spineback turtle!!!

Thank you so much!


Haha congrats I'm glad you enjoyed the card!!!!

I'm number 50 again thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate! :D


Hope you enjoy your card!!!!!!

Great, I'm number 29, I'll have a glass of liquor to wait for the results. I will cross my fingers.
Good vibes for all the participants.


Check your account on SteemMonsters!!!!!


Check you SteemMonster account!!!!!

Thank you I will get my 1st card

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Haha I hope you have fun collecting!!!!

Tnx, my first cards ever :)