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RE: DLive is Leaving Steem, And This is My Last Blog Post on Steemit

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I will respond under you Matt if you don't mind... I'm not upset anymore, I just dislike lies.

UmAj31 (1).png



ryanli code23523532.png

So unless I will be accused of photoshopping these images, their intent was never bening to begin with.

This was the plan all along...

it was in the code, when dlive first started testing their streaming services, when they were setting up shop, these things were there, later modified, hidden.

So yeah...

Anyways, i'll keep on catching flags over this, but I don't care. Truth is truth...

@meno I respect your research and commitment to both #steem and the truth, however, the mere fact that you are using a bullshit comment thats self-upvote alone is worth more STU than multiple blog posts, multiple live streams, and multiple videos of true valuable content, just so you can get your evidence at the top of the pile of opinions so your research can be seen is a clear testament of the flaw in the system! Your evidence should be at the top by default based on its value and this dudes SHIT post should be at the bottom with NO value. Instead of accusing DLive of "milking the system", maybe most of the whales in this ecosystem should be holding up a fuckin mirror!

"Bullshit. Flagged. GTFO already." Is that really worth 5 STU @meno? Who's really suckin the #steem teet dry just for being a bag-holder, posting shit content a couple times a month, and saying 3 words and and an acronym and gettin paid more than most true content creators make on a daily basis. And I know he's not the only one. You know what they say about one rotten apple?

Again, I upvoted this comment for PROMINENCE. I PURCHASED my stake. Go buy some SP and flag me, better yet, go buy some SP and vote on tons of people (like I do).

Yes, it's worth its payout, because I paid for it, and I think that this whole debacle is what I called it, bullshit. I spent as much on that comment as I did flagging the OP.

never self vote.PNG

I applaud your sincerity joe, I really do. But, I do think you have one important detail about me very wrong. I don't self upvote, the blockchain does not lie, my self upvote percentage has been for months 0% so my personal views are a little more in line with yours it seems.

However, I understand the concept of freedom, and attempt to practice it. For example, I don't know much about matt, other than we both seems to know some russian, just about nothing more. However, I respect him as a fellow human and understand that because he owns stake on this platform, he, and only he has the ability to do what he pleases with it, as do I.

I don't self upvote because I believe I bring more value to the platform this way, and think, maybe mistakenly so (because who knows who's right) that if I continue with my ways, one day it will help generate a network effect that can create immense wealth for all of us. Yes, that includes Matt, all of us.

However, Matt has put enough money into this system that when he does this, I can't say I don't understand his position and even more so, that I need to impose my own on him.

In the end, we will find out what road was the best one, but... we are all headed to the same moon.

Believe me, I can totally jive with your ethic, and I was not accusing you of self-upvoting (nor do I see a self-upvote as a "bad thing") merely that this shit post should not be worth what it is and the fact that you piggy-backed on it so your content could be better seen by the audience, should reflect the flaw. Staking or not, it's abusive to the ecosystem and is setting a bad example.

point taken, I do think a front end change could make relevance of comments not be strictly payout, but quantity of upvotes. Or maybe even choices, sort comments by age, payout, number of upvotes, rep..

I would like that myself.

The sort order choices are there, but they know that most people don't ever change the default settings.

Anyways, i'll keep on catching flags over this, but I don't care. Truth is truth...

Have you even been flagged a single time in this whole debacle?

I have been told I should quit steem, and me and plenty of others have been flagged for showing agreement with dlive's move.

It seems the steem community is really desperate to push away as many investors as possible.

IDK how you are playing the victim card- you have done nothing but speculate and profit.

Yes, but the upvotes have countered them of course... check my comment if you need to, there is nothing to hide.

You seem cool headed to me, you are not being disrespectful and it's not my style to be aggressive, so you won't get such rhetoric from me. However, I think you are in the minority, I got a few nasty dms calling me a hypocrite and one of them threatening.

Obviously that's not your case, but since to tribalistic minds Im part of the crew that threw @dlive under the bus, I must be put in place too.

Now, by all means, I'm no victim... I'm an investor like you, a fellow steemian, and a witness who cares, that is all.

One of the problems kent was trying to outline- if you dissent from popular opinion, you are going to get flagged. The whales can and will value whatever they agree with, and devalue whatever they don't.

This ultimately makes steem more about power structures and connections than it does quality of content. I can spend hours working on a post that dissents from popular opinion, only to get flagged by some angry whale in disagreement. I can spend seconds writing some easily agreeable bullshit, and i'm sure i'd get upvotes- if I really cared more about the payout than I do my content.

I respect your investigation and your politeness, but you have to realize you are profiting off of the circle jerk way that steem works- not necessarily your content.

Oh, but I don't know if you expected me to disagree with you on this. Yes of course, if you stray from popular opinion you pay the price for it, yes this is the case, I would never say otherwise.

However to me, at least in my limited knowledge of sociology, this is nothing but a virtual representation of normal social dynamics. If you were the only person in your neighborhood that burnt trash, you would also pay the social consequence of doing so, as much as you would argue its your right, your property and your freedom.

I will grant you my example is too easy to analyze, but I'm sure it would not take much imagination to think of others. My point however, is that what some describe as the problem is actually human nature.

Now, in my personal opinion many disagreements can be solved if we had the emotional agility to circumvent triggers. I say this, because most of the time when people react in anger, they do so because they feel the comments, the critique is personal, and sometimes, as it is the case right now, you are doing nothing else but outlining what you perceive to be wrong with the current system.

Your opinion has nothing to do with me, not even a little bit. The avatar in front of you has not changed in the slightest, my wife has not left me, and I'm still drinking a nice cup of coffee. However, I'm self aware of that particular truth, but I may stand in the minority.

Why would society evolve to implement dire social consequences for dissent? That is an amazing question, and one that we could either try to deny, and fail at doing so, or embrace even though we can't fully grasp it.

Regarding your comment on me not being rewarded for my actual content, but my ability to incept myself inside the circle jerks. As much as I don't particularly like the charged words you've chosen to use, I think you seem to be describing another aspect of society.

Some people don't like to believe that hierarchy and caste systems exist, they mere idea of such thing is tinged with shades of guilt. But, can we respect honesty while denying it? Of course not, I'm willing to say that, as uncomfortable as it may be.

So you could say, that maybe through some sort of social adequacy I've been able to insert myself into a social circle that grants me some sort of privilege, that might be accurate to say. But again, isn't that a reflection of how life works?

I'm also very honest about this fact: This is not a content platform. It's possibly never been. But, we hold that carrot (I include myself) in front of a stick to drive our idealism forward.

Regarding your comment on me not being rewarded for my actual content, but my ability to incept myself inside the circle jerks. As much as I don't particularly like the charged words you've chosen to use, I think you seem to be describing another aspect of society.

It's called a feedback loop! Your content will get valued based on a miriad of factors- but not one is more important than the connections you have with other steemians, particularly the powerful ones. I use the term "circle jerk" because it is an incredibly accurate description of what is happening.

Dlive wants content based value. You conceded that steem (as a system) is bad at evaluating value based on content. That is why dlive is leaving.

The amount of mental gymnastics that is being done in these threads is sad. I don't need a sociology degree to see steem has systematic issues when it comes to valuing content.

Dlive wants a better system.

They are never going to understand that you can only go so long putting make up on a pig. They will never deal with the censorship problems and how that actually stunts the growth of steemit. Flag should be used for abuse only, it should never be used for opposing views,. This platform would explode with users if they would be left to debate openly, honestly and fairly without fear of being flagged.

Dlive wants a better system.

we all do brother...

I'm part of a group of people that is trying to change culture. But we all have different ways of solving the puzzle.

I am happy we can agree on something.

I for one am going to use both blockchains for more revenue streams and exposure of my content. I think it is a mistake for steemians to try to ostracize those like myself for doing so.

I will be an investor and content creator on both platforms and I will be most happy if both blockchains succeed. :)

Just to clarify something here. "Lino" is not in "the code", it's the name of a local folder where they cloned the repository. What this means is that a lino developer was involved in helping set dlive up and put it in the same folder.

I'll admit, this isn't much of a distinction, but it should be made. Since they are friends, it's certainly likely there was crossover. I'm still not sure about 'intent' though.

i might have to re-read this a few times, make sure i get all the in betweens. But, it seemed to me that he is saying that they were somewhat working on their own thing.... and then, they said... oh wow, what if we together.. OMG awesome.. many many months later.

When, the lino devs were 100% involved with dlive from the very beginning.

I'm going to read it one more time, now that the coffee has kicked in, make sure im not talking out of my a...

Lino FOUNDING team. And as @meno said "Guess who?"

Someone missed the dark jeans memo.

He's clearly a rebel. Look at that jacket as well. He must be a disrupter. God, I'm really starting to hate that term.

Ah I missed this one. There's certainly a few questions not addressed, I'll admit.

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Live streamers are making spare pocket change for hours of live content, and you make 5 STU on upvoting yourself when you say "Bullshit. Flagged. GTFO already." Do you not see an issue here? Who's really milking the #steem system? hmmmm

I like that Matt... that's a donut i can get behind! hahahahah

ochen' otlichayetsya ot nashey lyubimoy TA guru.

Spasibo! Konechno! Da, haejin pizdets svinya.

It's just too bad your shit post had to be a part of that 1.4% instead of on a truly valuable piece of your work...

Like I said, upvoted for prominence and was anticipating a huge influx of flags (which I got). Mitigation. It's a short and sweet summary of how I feel about the situation and offers up a link to @meno's post right at the top, easy to find. It also explains why I flagged the post, myself thinking that it is all bullshit. I flagged it before anyone else and was one of the first comments, I think the 2nd one.

The last thing it is, is a shit post.

come on is "pure" .. 1.4% self vote is pretty damn good..accept that your initial response to matt-a is top comment doesn't line up with the big picture of his STEEM involvement ...and let's move on

(read above with a friendly smile on my face)

Uhh, I bought $100k of Steem. No, I don't see the issue. Dlive had control of 2 million SP given to them to support their project. Should all streamers be rewarded heavily everywhere? No. Go out and promote, do the legwork. Don't just sit around like a baby bird with your mouth open waiting for mama to dump rewards into it. Good example is Jonny Clearwater, he landed sponsors, did great, and is traveling the country.

And you still make 5 STU for 3 words and an acronym, nothing wrong with that at all...

Uhh, I paid for that "promotion," for prominence. No, there's nothing wrong with that. Obviously you aren't really grasping how stake based voting and DPOS works. I very rarely upvote myself (I should actually do it way more often) but focus on spreading my stake around as much as I can. The whole "never upvote yourself," argument is absolutely insane and reeks of "I don't really understand what's going on."

"(nor do I see a self-upvote as a "bad thing")" in my response to @meno. It's not the fact that you used that privilege that bothers me, its how you used it. By the perceived value of content alone, your shit post should be worth nothing and at the bottom, and @meno's post should be at the top. Nothing more, nothing less.

Good, glad you don't see it as an always bad thing. Abusing it, of course, is very much frowned upon. I myself very, very rarely do it.

I was one of the first people to comment on the post and was obviously expecting a massive influx of downvotes, so I mitigated that by using my stake. Did you not see the attached link in that comment . . . the one that is @meno's post?

My comment, although it's seen as crude/rude, in my opinion is fitting and perfectly sums up my thoughts on the matter. I kept it short and sweet instead of writing a book.

Like I was saying, if it's bothersome and you'd like more influence on this platform, purchase some SP and help the platform out. It doesn't really do anyone any favors aside from yourself if you solely rely on reaping the reward pool's emissions that you subsequently sell and move away from the platform.

He's a perfect example of why I've avoided steem for a long time and why I'm happy to see the change.

What is your purpose by flagging all users who doesn't agree with you and upvoting who does?
This is the whale'ness?

My purpose flagging them is to flag them, remove their rewards, and push them comments below more prominent ones. Go invest in the platform that you're using and then use the stake. That's what I did.

Now if you actually combine the referenced post with this one, you'll see a lot of explanations line up. We still cannot be sure possibly about whether it was premeditated from the beginning, but I'm not sure that's something that can be proven anyway. These explanations were very clear and pointed each concern out. Maybe a few lingering ones as I've scanned the other comments but probably that can be cleared up too. And delegation with no communication? That is pretty damn plausible if you ask me. Why don't we ask @ned himself? Probably crickets.

I really wish people would start communicating and not just light things on fire.

I dont know u mr selfupvote, but I never saw u on dlive hanging out there or spreading some upvotes for the community....but i see you know where the uvpote button from your own posts/comments are...thats at least something dont give up there is still hope for u

Aaaaaand you're stupid:

Here's my chart:

Here's your chart:

Maybe you could help us all find that self-vote button a bit more often. You know, the one you're demonizing and using. Also, for the record, 8% isn't bad. I'm just pointing out how your comment is . . . stupid.

More ignorant whales, abusively flagging! Thank you for proving Kent's point :)

Pull the Lino dick from your throat for a minute, read some words, then think about them if you're able to grasp the skill of reading comprehension.

Perfectly clear that your emotions are hindering you from having rational thought. Take a few deep breaths.

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