Season 12 placement matches part 1 with The D of MMG

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Greetings DLive and Steemit communities! I am The D, cofounder of @moneymatchgaming and king of casual gaming! My channel is dedicated to bringing the community entertaining live streams and other gaming related content. I am firm believer that true growth comes from a collective effort. If we help our community grow then we can all succeed in the end.

Today's stream: Season 12 placements part 1

Season 12 is offically here! It's time for the placement matches to commence. I have seen a lot of different meta comps in the previous seasons. I am wondering if triple tank will resurface, or will dive still be king. It doesn't matter because I play all heroes. I am sure I could climb to gold by playing tank and supports only, but that no fun. Playing every character in the game is what makes Overwatch a great game. Lets see how our placements go!

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Be sure follow my Twitter MainosTDK. I'll be posting when I'm going live from there every day.

Let's play some gamz!!!

My live stream is at DLive

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