Facebook Gives You A Secret Trust Score!

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In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Facebook giving its users a secret trust score from 0 to 1 which is based on unknown criteria. Even more disturbing is the fact that you can not request your score and its basis is highly in question. Is this the next step to a social credit score like the one used in China?

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Doesn’t surprise me at all. Looking forward to the days when we are all on Steemit, Ono, Lit, Social X, Appics etc. The argument is, Does Facebook have a right to do whatever they want? They only thing that moves big corporations is MONEY. Until we stop using them, and hurt their pocket, no change will happen-no matter how much we complain about it.

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As much as I disklike FB , is it any different than the pagerank/seo criteria Google has been using for years ?

This is not a defense of FB.


It isn't different at all, people are just butthurt because Facebook is taking reputation seriously. I don't really care, if I kicked off then I'll use a different site. I got suspended from Twitter... And I accepted it.

The fuckups by the major social media companies just keep piling up, and the future for Steemit/Dtube/Dlive just keeps getting brighter and brighter.

I don't get why people are annoyed by Facebook not releasing their code or giving more information about it... Like seriously what did you people expect... Do you think Facebook would ever release the EdgeRank algorithm? If you think so, then you're a blind idiot. This is not surprising.. the reason why they won't release more information is to protect the system from abuse by its users... and to protect it's BREAD AND BUTTER, ITS KRABBY PATTY FORMULA, ITS CODE THAT MADE THE COMPANY RICH AND UNIQUE... It's simple really... FACEBOOK isn't about open source software and if people are surprised about how Facebook is pushing this newer algorithm then please get the fuck off the internet and learn to code.


This is completely missing the point...

Of course facebook is allowed to keep their code private.

It is NOT code that made facebook rich; facebook got rich by gathering information on its users to sell to third parties.

The reason this algorithm is bad news is because it is intended to stifle speech (unless you're one of the people that reads snopes or otherwise needs a helmet for dangerous tasks like walking up the street) by sorting people into a social score.

The social score is intended to determine how much you can contribute to society; what kind of neighborhood you can live in, what schools your kids can attend, where you can travel, etc...

Don't worry though, there are numerous alternatives that are popping up to displace facebook.


Facebook got rich by creating a platform that people enjoyed which includes the code that pushes content that people like in their faces.... The algorithm is the SINGLE most important aspect of Facebook, second is advertising. Without the algorithm (and layout) Facebook would not have nearly as many customers.

Sure, it can stfile speech, but we all agreed to the ToS. Thus, we accepted the changes if we continue to use Facebook. In my business it's important to make deals with reputable people... In the financial world there already is a credit score... There isn't much of a difference. Knowing and having a business that exposes the trustworthyness of an individual is important for future contracts and agreements.

The social score can be used in many ways and people are fear mongering because they KNOW they can't be dicks online anymore without facing consequences..


Actually, the original influx of cash came from the CIA, who ended their "lifelog" program (a centralized place where people would provide information from birth to death about themselves) on the same day that Facebook became a company. The platform was BUILT for surveillance, it was SOLD as a communications utility platform.

Also, Facebook STILL tracks and traces your behavior WITHOUT accepting the TOS... EVEN AFTER you delete the apps. So, the TOS is irrelevant.

Reputable according to facebook means believing whatever nonsense that snopes posts as fact... would you be so eager if trustworthiness was measured by how close your views reflected the views of Alex Jones and NOT following his beliefs could lead to punishment??

Facebook and Zuckerberg can suck the fart right out my butt. I am a FB user only because I can keep in touch with my European family. FB taught me to hate everyone in it. But I really enjoy this STEEMIT stuff. My score is probably the lowest and that is where i'd like it to be on FB.