It's All Over For Monsanto

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In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the landmark decision by a jury to find that Monsanto's Roundup weed killer and glyphosate, in particular, caused Dewayne Lee Johnson's cancer. This opens the floodgates for hundreds of lawsuits, it's all over for Monsanto

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Luke, I did a little research that ties The Freedom From Facebook movement which has 4 groups funded by Soros and how that movement went silent the week of the censorship purges in August, a professional researcher could connect some bigger dots

Holy crap. That is huge. Following

I am glad that this has happened. We had a Monsanto warehouse open up near us a few years ago. I did a bit of research into what they do and didn't like all the genetically modified seeds. They have purchased huge farms and using their laboratory seeds are flying under the radar in Africa.

bastards!!!! "Bomsanto"!!

So sorry this had to happen at the expense of that man's health but also so happy that it has, this surely will help to bring them down, fingers and toes crossed.

about time these companies are made liable for the damage they've done by their products to the poor farmers.

I highly doubt Monsanto is going out of business. They were just bought by Bayer AG who also bought Loxo Oncology. Bayer also sold the shares in their Material Sciences division called Covestro, so I assume they've got a lot of cash and assets in the bank. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I don't expect anybody to go under or go to jail.

Hopefully Bayer will learn just how toxic Monsanto is by bleeding cash and finally destroy them. Perfect timing to sell off a company with such looming doom.