They Worship Artificial Intelligence As The Way Of The Future!

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In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the very first church to worship artificial intelligence. The organization is called Way Of The Future and they intend to create their own God by bringing in the Singularity.

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Sounds like the warning in the bible about "abomination of desolation".

  • worshiping anything is definitely a bad thing to do.
  • yeah we should use AI as a tool, but what if your tool gets more intelligent than you are? Can we keep it contained in a sandbox for ever? Or will it eventually break out of that sandbox?
  • there is no definition for consciousness, so we may not even have the choice to not develop a "conscious" AI, what if it gets "conscious" just by reaching a certain level of complexity?
  • also that's a reason why musk found neuralink, so we (humans + machines) can compete against AI

Your position applies to technology in general. In each direction that it advances the choice is present: choose a way that is better in some manner or choose to reject it for the already existent way.

You hold reasoning as something different than any other field of knowledge that may be advanced with understanding. Buried in your position is the assumption that it is wrong to advance - that man should not seek to shape his reality in ways that he identifies as beneficial and then develop the means to change reality to that path.

Right now we have the capacity to change genetic traits. Should we not attempt to identify better from worse traits? If we do identify them, should we not act to realize the better traits? Should mankind seek and choose its own path or should it forever submit to things beyond its control?

It was easy to foresee the rise of neo-luditism. It isn't clear that it is incorrect either. Our capacity to change ourselves and our reality is outpacing our capacity to understand the deep consequences of those changes. If we let nature make our choices for us, at least we are not quite as culpable for the consequences.

I have a hard time accepting ignorance and faith as a ruler however.


Changing genetic traits is what got Hitler in trouble, Eugenics is frowned upon ethically, If i want to get drunk and go out beating up people, fucking and pissing in the streets that's my choice, don't take those destructive tendencies away from me!

Creepy, but interesting. This was a great, thought provoking presentation; once again.
Thank You
Giant Hugs<3<3<3