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Hello, all the dear steemit friends. I haven't updated steemit so often recently, because of I got seriously sick. As you know spring is the high season of flu happens, basically I’m very strong, but I didn't avoid in this year, but my mainly problem is that my throat is inflamed.

I was in Sarajevo last week, over there indoor smoking doesn’t ban, so every time when I was eating in the restaurant while I had to passive smoking.

Now I even hard to speak and can’t eat dry food, I just can eat some soups. So indoor smoking really have to be band, otherwise it is really harmful to people's health.

I can't get rid of the toxins from secondhand smoke in my body, the poison of secondhand smoke stays in my throat, which means that I can't swallow the sputum, and I can't control my cough.

It's really so tough if get sick, I couldn’t sleep well for almost a week, every night cough a lot.

Hope all my steemit friends stay health!




My video is at DLive


Hope you will feel better soon!

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是的 这个季节好像就是流感多发季



I hope you are feeling better today. I have a question. When you were in Morocco, sometimes you had long sleeves, sometimes no sleeves. My wife and I are packing now for our trip Tuesday. Are sleeves only required for the mosques, or did you find you needed to wear sleeves often? I appreciate whatever "packing" advice you might offer.

Hi, I'm getting better but still not healthy yet.. I think it is ok not to wear sleeves in touristy areas. In mosques and remote areas, it makes sense to wear sleeves. So best would be to have both ready i guess.. I wish you a great trip!! Enjoy!!

Oh, that seems really awful :(((. Wish you to recover soon! 🌺

Thank you dear!!!:-)


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