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Hi all! Summer is already here and as I told you, my garden got delayed (because I am lazy).

Obviously, I have to do something in order to get back on track.

Say hello to Stinging Nettles!


Organic gardeners on the Internet said the fertilizer brew from this plant is somekind of holy Grail in any garden.

And that because it contains all the nutrients we need. Moreover, undiluted it can be used successfully as herbicide or for accelerating the composting process in your compost bin.

The thing is, this one stinks! I mean the smell of it can make you believe that something (or someone) died and is rotting.

Ok, it seems like for fertilizing purpose you need a 10/1 dilution ratio and as foliar 20/1.

How to!

  • Gather some nettles in the Spring time.
  • Chop it down and drop all in a bucket
  • Fill the bucket two thirds with water.
  • We need something heavy on top of all those choped nettles.
  • Put a lid on that and leave it somewhere for about three weeks (make sure is outside or somewhere you don't feel the smell)
  • Strained and diluted as you wish.

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Great post! I've run into these nettles before! Stings like the dickens too! I heard if you pee on the affected area it will stop the pain​ instantly! I'm reluctant to try that though! HA! I think my buddy was trying to fool me.

I heard if you pee on the affected area it will stop the pain​ instantly!

It actually makes sense :). Not sure if instantly, (never tried myself) but the nettles venom is acidic and urine is alkaline, so it should have some effect in neutralizing the sting. What I can tell you for sure, the fertilizer smell just like manure and if gets on your skin, it stays there for a while 😅.