The Journey Inward: Uncovering Universal Truth - Episode 19 @nilesackerman

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In this show, we discuss consciousness, spirituality, awareness, philosophy, and evolution of thought to reveal the truths that we can put into practice which will allow our journey on this earth to be a little more loving, joyous, peaceful, and fun.

My guest on this episode is a fearless Steemian, @nilesackerman. Niles has completely transformed his life through his own self-improvement. He has completely built a new life with spirituality, love, and high vibration as its foundation. He is very open, honest, and authentic. If his experience doesn't inspire you I don't know what will. Grateful to have him on the show and I think you will be grateful to hear his story.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss on this episode:
-The Identification of Fear
-Social Anxiety
-Understanding You Are Not Your Thoughts
-Manifesting Your Intentions
-Trusting In The Universe
-Exploring Life Without Fear
-Going For A Life Adventure
-Various Modalities For High Vibration

If any of these topics interest you up then please have a listen and keep the conversation going in the comments below. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Much Appreciation and Love

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All people have fears. It is very difficult for people to overcome their fears and live a happy life.

I think this is the only honest comment, thank you @eduards. It can be difficult to overcome because most people think they are their fears

Its look different from that i have ever seen. Amazing shocking and creative. What an idea to do something with died peoples. Its not easy to beleive. Beacause i have not heared about this before


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That's my beloved :)<3 Great podcast, thank you Larry for holding this platform for others to expand their awareness and further tune into love!

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