10 Reasons Why DLive is an Incredible Video Platform

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It occurred to me the other day, that @DLive is an incredible video platform.

I then began considering the reasons why it is so incredible. You know, like the nitty gritty reasons why someone would spend their time contributing quality content on a regular basis.

These reasons are from a content creator's perspective. A viewer's perspective may have slightly different reasons why they like DLive.

If you are primarily a viewer, please share some reasons below of what you enjoy about DLive, and I may share them in a subsequent video.

Join me now in experiencing the 10 reasons why DLive is an incredible video platform.

#1 - Simplistic interface

DLive has a simple, easy to maneuver, and user friendly interface. The main word that comes to mind when I see it is the word "clean".

The navigation is valiantly assembled at the top of the screen in a way that allows the newest of newbies to navigate without getting lost.

dlive header.JPG

The live videos are listed at the top of the home page, while the uploaded videos are listed more towards the center.

If you click on the circle in the top right corner, you will be able to access your account, see how your videos are performing, and also change any account settings such as your background, photo, and about me section.

#2 - Help Center

The help center feature was released recently, which is a nice addition to the platform.

It gives people answers to their commonly asked questions. If you click on the "help" button at the top of the screen, it will take you to a separate page where you can dive deeper into DLive topics for further study.

This is a huge time-saver because you don't have to sit down and send DLive an email. Instead, you can get help instantly.

#3 - Never hit an error message

In all my tenure on DLive, I have never...ever...run into an error message. This is a glorious thing, especially for us content creators who develop well-though-out content, only to find something wrong during the publishing process.

Not with DLive! Thank you DLive for being so incredible, creating a platform that just plain works. I am so pleasantly pleased with the ease of use this platform has.

#4 - Loading speed

Anyone can appreciate a website with fast loading speeds. There is nothing more annoying than sitting there... .... ... waiting for a video to upload.

I have to hand it to DLive on this one. They have done an amazing job programming the back-end, so that us users can experience a seamless publishing experience.

This is especially true when I upload 3-5 minute videos. Obviously, I need to wait a bit for the 15-20 minute videos to load, but even those larger size files upload faster than many other sites I've used over the years.

Thank you DLive for making it such a speedy upload process.

#5 - Can enter more than 5 tags

Having more than 5 tags is great because it allows your post to get more visibility in the Steem community.

Normally when posting on Steemit, you can have up to 5 tags. But, when using DLive, you can use more than 5. Great feature to have on a video sharing platform that also syncs with Steemit.

As always, make sure that your tags are relevant to your video.

#6 - No ads

DLive has zero ads. A lot of other platforms out there like YouTube have ads that get in the way of the user experience.

It is refreshing to be able to come to DLive and see only user-generated content. This will attract more users to the platform when they realize how nice this feature is.

#7 - They reward quality content

Users on DLive have the opportunity to earn rewards from upvotes from the DLive account. Not every video is going to earn rewards neccessarily. That is up to DLive to decide.

But, the more you engage with the platform putting out good content, the better chance you have of receiving an upvote.

#8 - Cool merchandise

Check out this awesome shirt that I am wearing in this video! DLive has such great merchandise to purchase.

Go here to check it out and sport it everywhere you go. Be sure also to include the gear in your videos!

#9 - Don’t touch rewards

DLive is amazing for this, because they do not take rewards from your account. They are funded elsewhere, and do not require the users' rewards in any shape or form.

Feel free to post as much as you want and also keep all the rewards that you earned for your hard work. Woohoo!

#10 - Can upload recordings

This is a fantastic feature that not many people know about. But DLive has an "upload" section where you can take a recording an upload it to the site.

You do not have to go live if you don't want to. So, for those of you out there who like to edit your videos and make them look great before posting, you can do so.

Ok guys! Those were the 10 reasons why DLive is an incredible video platform.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please don't stop there though.

Leave a comment below and let me know the reasons why you think DLive is incredible! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Take care guys and remember...you are awesome.


Special thanks to @dlive for being who they are. Seriously, I am so glad that they are available as a video platform!

My video is at DLive


d.tube is going to replace youtube

It definitely has the potential! Which do you prefer using @bitcointravel...DTube or DLive and why?

I hope,it will be next biggest video sharing platform!!!

Nice impression you made here! The thing on Dlive that resonates most with me is the team behind it and how approachable they are. I never saw something like that on any ''traditional'' platform nor this new-gen platforms. You got to love Dlive!

I completely agree @megy.fine.arts. The team behind a project makes the biggest difference. Way to go @teamdlive!

I think Dlive will replace youtube if this continues. That will be good for us first comers.

Absolutely @gvincentjosephm. At the rate they're going, that very well could happen!

which you post very good .... I've read it .. as a reply to you want to follow me and vote my article

which you post very good .... I've read it .. as a reply to you want to follow me and vote my article...

This was a great video Ken!!
So much valuable information. You definitely drove the message home.
Kudos on the great job you're doing here

Glad you enjoyed it @elsiekjay. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Cheers!

Great video....thanks. Do you know the difference between Dlive & Dtube?

Hi @linlee888. DLive allows you to stream live video, whereas DTube is only uploading videos, while resembling the look and feel of YouTube. That is the main difference that I see at the moment. Try both to see which one you like better.

Thanks for your reply! I have tried both now. I can't decide which I like so far!

@kenmelendez Awesome post brother & love the 10 reasons you listed for @Dlive! The updates and continued support like this can only bring more positivity to the #SteemIT platform and have more awareness to #SBD & #STEEM as a whole! With that being said, #Welcome to @Dlive, and looking forward to more of your videos on #DLIVE!dlivetransparent.png

@clasicktv thank you so much for dropping by. Be prepared to see more videos like this from my end. When I enjoy and appreciate something, it shows in my video creation. Look forward to seeing you again :) Cheers.

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Never a error message? I used 2 computers and 3 different browsers and I constantly got error messages day after day.

There are plenty of complaints about error messages on Dtube. I hope they improve on that.

For the rest I completely agree!

Hi @gogreenbuddy. I have received errors on DTube. On the other hand, when using DLive, I have not seen any. Not everyone will have the same experience. But for me, it has been flawless so far. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate you.

thank you for sharing this informative blog

You got it @che-nie. Thank you for taking the time to watch!

Experience is the best teacher. Dlive is becoming the best.

@paasz yes, experience trumps other forms of learning. Dlive is making big moves! What is one thing that you enjoy about the platform?

Thank you for the introduction to and explanation of this platform. This looks like something I would love to dig into..

For sure @carljohn. Glad you enjoyed it. I definitely recommend using this platform and seeing how you like it. My experience has been amazing.

Thanks for this! I am new on Dlive and plan to only post good quality yoga travel videos :D I have been on Steemit for almost 2 months and started Dlive 3 days ago! I have posted 3 videos so far. I would love to hear your feedback :)

@vibrantyogini you got it! I will check yours out and give you some feedback. Thanks for dropping by and look forward to seeing you again. Cheers!

Hmm . We all belive in DLive . It might soon replace the popular platform or even destroy it . There are so many cool things we do not know about . This might be the beginning .

Totally agree @natanaelbara. Always more to learn! This is only the beginning and can't wait to see the next developments with the platform.

I needed that, this week I'm going to upload a video!

Great news @iliasjourney. Post more than one for sure!

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where did you buy the d-live t-shirt??

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