Monday Night Thoughts - 100 STEEM Power Contest

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And here we go...

Did you follow me?

Did you resteem my blog posts?

If you did, you are ENTERED to win 100 STEEM Power tonight. This is the first of hopefully many contests I will be doing for my followers over the next few months.

Be sure to stop by tonight to see if you are a winner!

Let's have some fun :)

My live stream is at DLive

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You just got splashed by @rewards-pool. For more information on delegating to the @rewards-pool click the following link.
@rewards-pool where a small delegation can get you a big splash.


well I'm going to join dlive to see who is the winner

Crazy....As soon as the contest finished, the blockchain froze. Guess this contest was even more powerful than first thought LOL

Well I have been following you for a while now lol. Resteemed and upvoted! Sign me up for the contest my friend!

Appreciate it man, thanks for the support!

Congratulations to @mamasez! Way to go Jon for giving back to the community! Helping others grow is an awesome plan...

For sure.....Thanks man, for taking part and all the support! Now let's see what she does with it ;)

@jongolson congrats to winner.. hard luck for me and my fellowmate. Hehehe. But we don't lose our hope i will be with you forever.

We will see how it goes. The plan is for every month, but who knows....Might be every 2 weeks...We will see :) Thanks for taking part and all the support.