My DJI Mavic Pro flying down the beach....

in #dlive5 years ago


One of my favorites places to get away from the bustle of everyday life.

This lake is usually quites with to occasional boats coming from the locks between lakes. The mountains are always outstanding.
I hope you enjoy what I enjoy :) cheers

My video is at DLive



Thank you so much

You are Most Welcome. @johnnycopper1

This is still on my list :). Thats awsome! Is that controlled by smart phone, you can move the camera how you want?

Yupper, Used my android phone. However, I was using my DJI goggles to get everything in perspective. A nice little toy from xmas :). When I use the goggles to can turn the camera where I point my head. If I look up it pans up so on and so forth :) thanks for your veiw :) I delegated all my sp to my son so I have no power :(. For one week lol...

So cool 8]. I knew you had a daughter but not a son. Cool he can play around w some moneys :). We in more buying times :)

He streams his pubg and fortnite on twitch so I told him he should do it on dlive. He sounded excited, but hasn't done much with all that sp I delegated. I gave hime a week so he would have a good start. Time is running out :/ In deed great buying times. 😁

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Loved waking up and seeing this! Thanks @johnnycopper1! ❤

Thanks @deerjay. Always nice to make a pleasant morning for you. Can't believe this post got flagged. Wtf hehe

You're very welcome! I saw on discord that there are lots of bots/accounts doing that right now to many many steemians ...unsure why it's happening but I hope they get it fixed. xoxo

That is crazy, if it gets worse then Ill have the olny option but to powerdown, which I would hate to do. Thanks for letting me. Know this.

Yw and I looked at some of the accounts (cause it's a lot of different ones)on steemd and they look like low-level accounts so most people were saying that they should not affect most people but still very concerning.

@patrice is that your bot down voted this post? AND now probably on your blacklist for some odd reason. Can you either explain this or be kind to remove me from the blacklist? All my stuff is original from my own drone. Thanks.

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