Promoting Steem at the Wall of Coins Premiere Event in Sarasota, FL!

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Will you join us in Sarasota, Florida on April 12 for a cryptocurrency meetup for the Wall of Coins premier event as seen at because I will be there giving a talk to promote Steem? We intend to see a lot of digital currency enthusiasts show up to the event along about the same number of new users just downloading a wallet for the first time.

Our event is presented by Kelly's Live @ Sarasota Skybar (Across from McCurdy's) at 1927 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236 from 6 pm to 1 am. I probably will be heading out around 10 pm to drive home and be in bed at a reasonable time 😄

Admission is free with the only requirement being to show a cryptocurrency wallet to enter. The options are:
Dash Wallet for iOS at
Jaxx Wallet for Android at

I will hope a Steem wallet will work also otherwise I will need to download a Dash wallet ...

VIP access will be available for any of us making a cryptocurrency purchase in cash during the event! For anyone never having bought Bitcoin, Dash, or PIVX before, this will be an easy way to get started. To change BTC or Dash to Steem, the simple and fast method is to use by @blocktrades. I generally exchange Steem for BTC on Bittrex because there I can choose my buy and sell price by placing a limit order on the market.

Before attending, you might appreciate learning more about Wall of Coins. Wall of Coins at is a Sarasota-based company that onboards people to the new cryptocurrency economy by allowing buyers and sellers to transact directly through cash deposits in bank accounts! The founder of Wall of Coins is Robert Genito as @robertgenito on Steem. Robert is the primary person responsible for me being here on Steem after inviting me via text message in April 2017 after having previously having got me into Bitcoin and Dash.

In 2014 and 2015 I helped Robert setup the advertising campaigns for Wall of Coins with Google AdWords in exchange for a percentage of ownership in WoC. These Google ads began helping hundreds of people a day searching for "buy bitcoin" discover and start placing orders back when there were only a few sellers mostly consisting of Robert and me. After starting with Bitcoin, Wall of Coins added Dash and PIVX to the list of cryptocurrencies supported. We hope to see Steem added soon because Wall of Coins would then be one of the only places to make direct Steem to USD exchanges as it is with Dash and PIVX.

As a sponsor for the Wall of Coins premier event, I am grateful for an opportunity to speak and intend to do my speech on what defines true value for a cryptocurrency because this will help those new to cryptocurrency understand "where the money comes from." For those established in the cryptocurrency community, I am hoping this will trigger curiosity into Steem because the basic idea of the speech will be that the cryptocurrencies with truly the most value are the ones with the most people making the greatest contributions with the least resistance. In terms of data, that means number of wallets, transactions, active users, website ranking, etc.

To help more of us discover Steem through this post and event, I will be submitting this post as an ad to Google AdWords targeted to users close enough to drive to the event with an interest in cryptocurrencies. I also ordered a @dlive shirt yesterday at which I intend to where because when people ask "what is that?" I will be able to explain about live streaming on the Steem blockchain as an example of the incredible innovation we collectively have empowered on Steem!

Thank you for reading this post and/or watching the video which I hope is helpful in explaining the Wall of Coins premier event I will be attending! If you will be joining us, will you please let me know in the comments because that will help me remember you for the event?


Jerry Banfield

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my bad luck. i am not in us... really appreciate your dedication about steemit.

I will seriously consider you as a witness. You are really awesome @jerrybanfield
Keep rocking man
Greetings from @josteem

Hello @jerrybanfield,

I'm here purposely to say a big thank you for what you did for me.
I watched one of your videos you made about 8 months ago about EOS and IOTA. It opens my eyes and all i could say right is that you're a great teacher.

I have so much passion for cryptocurrency lately which has became my driving force to want to know more about it. I happened to came across your video on youtube and it was great.

Your post reminded me of this :)

Wow! this is hilarious and amusing. Couldn't help but to watch to the end.
Thank you Jerry.

Gotta turn around the crypto mojo

Unfortunately I can't, I'm in Nairobi,Kenya.

I'll be with you in spirit.

Nice post. thanks for sharing.Waiting for your next vlog.

Hi Jerry, thanks for Sharing this awesome information.
good luck!!! have a nice day!!!

Sangat berguna dan bermanfaat

I want to ...But unfortunately I can't.
Also I want to say that this person is always been a inspiration.....
You are great......
Love you ....Jerry

Kindly follw bk

I wish I'll have the opportunity to grace the occasion. It'll be a privilege sitting and learning from you.

The few videos I have watched from you are superb. Awesome to view. Maybe you'll send us the link for some of us in Nigeria

a very good post and can be an inspiration for steemit community all over the world and also for me in indonesia ...

Thank you Jerry Banfield, you are always doing a awesome posts, You have my upvote

Come to Los Angeles! I'll show up.

I will be there to promote STEEMIT!

Hello!! Good invitation, it is my wish that you follow the expansion of cryptocurrencies. Successes

Nice post jerry

you're very good! thumbs up :)

Real cool Jerry! I set you as a proxy :)

Your current proxy is: jerrybanfield

Learning, listening, following links and .... installing the app :)

Great Work @jerrybanfield.i appreciat you but i m not in us thanks for sharing .

See you there!

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