What Equipment and Software Do I Trust to Sustain My Business Online?

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Will you join us for a live question and answer session today beginning with a look at what equipment and software I use as an entrepreneur with a self-sustaining business online because this has been the top question asked in 2018 and we finally have a good answer today to look at?

At https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/ we see a list of the products and services I use now because I hope this makes it WAY easier than it was for me to figure this out. For example, figuring out the best WordPress web host took me five years of intermittent struggle with my website loading slow, paying too much for not enough traffic capacity, and each time being unprepared for a viral visitor spike. After five years of using normal web hosts, I found one that gives me the speed of Google with the simplicity of WordPress meaning instant scalability on the Google Cloud Platform which is similar to Amazon Web Services or AWS.

If you want to skip the thousands of hours and dollars I wasted trying less effective solutions across my business, my newly updated resources page at https://jerrybanfield.com/resources/ lays it all out with Steem being the first item on the list for blogging, vlogging, and investing!

We may be able to use this as an indirect advertising approach because this page is ideal for attracting entrepreneurs that might end up launching Smart Media Tokens or SMTs on the Steem blockchain without having to directly promote Steem as a cryptocurrency and therefore staying in compliance with the updated terms of service on Google AdWords. I am testing the ads now to see how much the clicks cost and how much time each reader spends on the page.

While we begin with answering the most consistent question asked so far about "what do you use?", we will follow this for the hour we are live together with answering as many questions as possible! We are now doing this on the "Dear Jerry Banfield Show" here every Wednesday from 10 to 11 am eastern time on



Thank you very much for joining us today and we hope this question and answer session is useful for you!

Jerry Banfield

My live stream is at DLive

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Greetings, Jerry

I think it's very cool to build the steemit.

This issue of online business I still do not use. But I know it's a tool that can leverage any business.

I am a psychologist and even with the current technology that favors virtual marketing, I know that the best marketing within my profession is still the indication of patients to other patients, so the "tool" I use most is the well-done care, to help the patient will improve and receive indication from him for other care.

What do you think about this?? What tip could you give me to improve on this issue using more electronic means ????

Thank you very much for the help with this post and good afternoon!

Jerry I would really see Steemit in the way you present it. For now I must admit that FB is loads more user friendly and provides better content. Maybe you can say that atmosphere there is controversial but at least is real. I am super sad about this project.

Thank you @jerrybanfield. Indeed steemit has answer to many questions. Is free, it's secured and it's sustaining. What else can we ask for.

The era of making posts and uploading videos where there are little or no reward for the content is over. We have steemit now


Really the way you discussed the problems, and all the time when researched over your posts, I found your technique awesome, and thumbs up for that.

Now come to this topic, this is very important topics for now a days, as world is going to change, and people are choosing to become an entrepreneur and in start most of them have less resources, and for me its also important as I am also choosing it for myself, so I ll also join you for this.

This is crazy how now days you can make a living completely online. This just shows you the true power of SteemIt. It is probably one of the best things that you can invest into. I wish you and everyone else great success.

@jerry banifiled

You are great. love u

Thanks to share this useful post.

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You are great @jerrybanfield.. But it's great to share someone's knowledge .. I really need a teacher of scientists

Great @jerrybanfield, you are a very heplful person. Thank you for your post.

C'mon Banfield, edit that title or the @grammarnazi will be all over you

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Great Show! I'm addicted to Cryptofighting, lol! #InDLiveweTrust

Whoa! I never pictured you as a Police Officer! #respect Enjoy your Music! I'll see you on Soundclous & DLive jamming! :-)

I've got a lot from your show today! have a great day! Congrats on your new son coming! :-)

... i really need a new computer and monitor (-:

Your every article/video is helpful for me and others...!!
Thank You
@jerrybanfield for your intelligence

thanks for the information - it's great that you are sharing your years of experience with us - I know how difficult it can be to figure out all the best tools to use - with so many available - it's hard to know which ones work best - thanks again for the insight!

great initiative , hope it will be helpful for all

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

This is really useful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks for sharing ...👍

hey jerry, talk to me - cryptomaniac730 (facebook)

i very often see posting @jerrybanfield,

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We enjoy watching you man!