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To prevent us for having back injuries adding these exercises into your stretching routine will surely help you maximize your day. This Full Back stretching routine will help you relieve back pain and fatigue , improve your upper and lower back flexibility and mobility, loosening up those stiff and sore muscles and lastly, lengthening your spine for a great body posture.



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Greetings, dear and beautiful girl Janice

Pretty cool this video you posted. I think that for me to do something like this, it is necessary that I train a lot. Without it, I think it would hurt me hahaha. I'm not very flexible.

I found this activity cool because, besides being extremely relaxing in my vision, it can bring numerous improvements to our posture and column.

Thank you so much for another excellent day of exercise.

Good night!!!

Another great exercise, thanks!

Nice and great exercise.. i’ll try to do this!! I have to do this exercise to lessen my backpains
Thank you for sharing this video..

I am so glad to see you again,your fitness blog videos are really amazing.

Its nice to meet you,i really love this video they are so simple and great effective.

Love your @dlive videos,thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks for showing how to do this exercise.god bless you.,

Back stretches are really useful for relaxing muscles, as well as for achieving some more flexibility. Excellent series of exercises that you always bring us!

You are my great motivation @janicehung.

These exercises are helpful for the back. Thanks for sharing this video!😀

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In order to do these exercises I have to melt my belly first. You are wonderful as always @janicehung

My body has been feeling so sore and in pain but when I did these exercises, I was relieved. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing workout!

Very nice exercises! Keep doing great fitness!