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Hello @mehdibca and @cheech-oz and thank you for such a great opportunity.

I just uploaded the first of many videos on Dlive. I have used youtube and dtube, but I would prefer yours in the long run. I tried a few months ago to upload to dlive but it failed miserably. I am in coastal northern Peru, so the internet can be fun at times. It seems to be way better now and my upload worked.

I host the Steem surf photo giveaway and I just posted the dlive video for it. It is my way of giving back to the Steem community and have fun with a great crowd. I also have put quite a few people onto Steem here in Lobitos, Peru.

Here is a link to my facebook page:


Thanks for joining us for this Campaign. I have just signed you up, all set. Have Fun and Good Luck! :)

Good morning @mehdibca and thank you for your response. I see people have been signed up for this, but I see no one being rewarded. Well I see a couple posting in dlivevlog tag and they are getting noticed by dlive, but they have been done so prior to the campaign.

How does this work? Does Dlive potentially upvote vlogs during this week until the 5th of Sept. Or are they waiting for the week to close and then upvote? if so, then most posts will be over 7 days old.

Sorry I am a little confused and it isn't clear for me at least.

all the best,


Good Morning @intrepidsurfer,

Our Content Team is continuously looking for content and will reward what it deems good content regardless of whether we are hosting a campaign or not. Vlogs are rewarded all the time. Just that this week we have special rewards as mentioned in the post.

The rewards for this Campaign will be given out to winners after the 5th. We will of course upvote posts which are less than 6.5 days old. In case a winner has no post that we can upvote, we wait until he posts again and we reward him then.

Thank you!

thank you so much for the details and all is much clearer to me :) yes I have noticed the upvotes for the videos. Hopefully I will snag a few myself.

Tomorrow I announce the new week for the Steemit surf photo contest and declare last weeks winners. I will turn this from a blog to a vlog to post on Dlive.

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