Decentralized News Hour EP 3 - With @truthforce @gregorypatrick @jackdubs

in dlive •  3 months ago


In this video we talk about recent news, living off grid, solar power, dencentralization, politics, and more!
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My video is at DLive

If the D.Live video is not working please watch on Youtube!!!

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Hi @informationwar. Is @truthbot working? I delegated 100SP to you almost 2 weeks ago and haven't got a single vote from @truthbot.


It may be broken, @wakeupnd runs it

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Dang! I'm not seeing the video on DLive. There's just a grey box right now. It looks like a really great discussion. Did you load it to another video platform by chance?


Hmm I am having the same issue. Not sure what the problem is. We also have it on youtube


Is your channel name the same (informationwar) on YouTube? I'll break my boycott of YT, but just for YOU. LOL!


Thanks, just started listening now, from here. Excellent.