My First 6 Months on Steemit - With 50 SBD Mega Giveaway

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  • Faster than Usain Bolt runs
  • Faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can drive
  • Faster than Rainer Calmund can eat a party pizza

→ That's how my first half year passed here on Steemit.

When I heard about cryptocurrencies for the first time in the second half of 2017, I was so enthusiastic directly and started to dig deeper into the matter.

Of course that was also the time of the big crypto hype and so I also wanted to take the opportunity to participate in this possibly future world technology called Blockchain, through investing in crypto currencies.

The only problem:
As a full-time student, I lacked in the money to buy cryptocurrencies.

In my further research, I came across quite quickly on a new social media platform based on the Blockchain, where you can earn money by writing posts and comments.


Of course, my interest was huge.
So I registered directly and after 2 weeks I finally started.

Admittedly, I first saw as a prime opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies, despite the lack of funds, by simply 'earning' them.

In addition, very quickly, I recognized far more positive effects besides the financial aspect.

Since the community on Steemit is very international, the German community at the time was still relatively small and the most common language on the platform is English,
I saw Steemit as an opportunity to increase my English a little.

So I wrote most of my posts, as well as this here in 2 languages.
English and German.

Very quickly I noticed that I really enjoy writing posts.
First of all, I mainly wrote about topics such as personality development, fitness / health / nutrition and cryptocurrencies - all topics that are of great interest to me personally and with which I also deal privately.
During the research for my contributions, I then once more dealt with the topics much more intensively, for which I am already interested, but never took the time to really go into detail.
So when I wrote my contributions I learned a lot for myself or remembered the details.

So the euphoria was huge at the beginning.
I have imagined how the payouts on my contributions will increase after a short time and will form a super financial basis with the rising prices in the near future.

Very quickly I had to realize that Steemit is anything but a self-runner.
The expected payouts did not materialize, although I spent a lot of time and effort on each of my posts.
So I thought, my contributions must be even more complex, longer, higher quality.
I invested partly 7,8 hours in a single post.
The research, correct formulation, images / GIF selection, translation, etc. were real time-takers.

And yet the really strong upvotes failed.
I just had the problem that virtually all newcomers have:
The range was missing.
Your contributions can be as high quality, if they are not seen, they don't get upvoted.

I realized that it takes time to actually be noticed.
As so often endurance and patience are the keys to success here.

So if you are in the situation right now and are in doubt, because you put so much effort into your posts, but you just do not get noticed
stay tuned and do not give up. Sooner or later it will pay off.

As time went by, the content of my posts changed a bit.
I've begun to focus more and more on fitness, healthy lifestyle and healthy eating in my contributions.

And then there was this video platform, which visually resembled Youtube and ran on the Steem Blockchain.


Of course, when I saw the first videos on Dtube, I was very interested at first, but decided relatively quickly that the platform was not for me because my English was just too bad to record videos.
But after thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that I could turn my apparent downside into a personal benefit by using the platform to work on my language deficit.

So I ventured it and released my first video on Dtube.
A nice upvote from Dtube motivated me to give the platform a chance and produce more videos.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded nearly 60 videos of my Vlog series and currently I use more Dtube than Steemit for my uploads.
My videos are mainly about the topics:
Fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but of course the diet is a big part of it.
Often I prepare breakfasts, lunches or desserts and give general tips that work for me.

Since my focus is on these topics and I would like to motivate more people to a healthy lifestyle and doing sports I wanted to combine these topics my 50 SBD mega Giveaway which I mentioned in the title.

50 SBD Contest

50 sbd .png

Your task is simple:
Upload something that shows what you do for a healthy lifestyle.
The "how" and "what" do not matter here.
A photo under this post, a commentary, a video, a post - everything is possible.
Show what sport you do, make a healthy recipe, get recorded bouncing on the bouncy castle - you have no limits. The more creative the better :-)

The Only Condition:

You have to be a follower.

Upvote and resteem would be great of course, but since this is also a kind of thank you to the community, they are not a must.


- Publish something from your life, that you do to increase your fitness/health
- You must follow me
- Upvote/resteem are not a must, but are highly appreciated.
- Closing date is the payout of this post (05.06., At 12pm German time)

The winners will be selected by a highly trained judges team consisting of me and my rabbit.
Depending on the amount of participants I will divide the prize
I hope that my contributions will inspire more and more people to a healthy lifestyle with more activity in everyday life.

The Best Comes Last

Of course, a social media platform is worth nothing without an amazing community.
And that is what we got here.
Through Steemit I have met some very interesting personalities, for which I am very grateful.
I got into conversation with people from all over the world like I would not have experienced otherwise.

At this point, I would like to thank all supporters, curators, commentators, interlocutors, etc., whom I met in the last six months.

Just to name a few:, @k3lda, @modernpastor, @shaka @flipstar, @lichtblick, @andyjaypowell, @ilyastarar, @solenn, @steemit.vlog, @acromott.
Also @jaki01, although so far (only) upvoted my comments, but also brings a significant benefit.
All people from @dtubefitness – Amazing guys there.
Generally all of the DACH Discord server, even though I'm currently rather limited due to time.
Of course also @dtube, which motivate me with their strong upvotes, continue to produce videos, and above all
@sweetsssj, who is the sponsor of this contest.
She is as well a post contributor on Steemit and on of the hosts of the weekly health challenge.

Of course there are many more people worth to be mentioned here but you can imagine that this would take to long.

In this sense, I say good bye and wish all participants good luck with the contest.
If there are any questions left, just leave a comment.
See you soon, I'm happy about your participation :)

Jason - Infinityroad

infinityroad abschluss.jpg

Mein erstes halbes Jahr auf Steemit – 50 SBD Mega Gewinnspiel

six months on steemit .jpg

  • Schneller als Usain Bolt rennt
  • Schneller als Bugatti Veyron Super sport fahren kann
  • Schneller als Reiner Calmund eine Partypizza verputzt

→ So verging mein erstes halbes Jahr hier auf Steemit.

Als ich in der 2. Hälfte des Jahres 2017 das erste mal wirklich von Kryptowährungen gehört hatte, war ich sofort begeierst und habe angefangen mich tiefer mit der Materie auseinander zu setzen.

Natürlich war das auch der Zeitpunkt des großen Krypto-Hypes und so wollte auch ich nur zu gerne die Möglichkeit wahrnehmen, an dieser eventuell zukünftigen Welttechnologie namens Blockchain teilzuhaben, in dem ich in Krpytowährungen investiere.

Das Problem nur:
Als Vollzeitstudent fehlten mir jegliche Mittel um Kryptowährungen zu kaufen.

Bei meiner weiteren Recherche stieß ich recht schnell auf eine neue Social Media Plattform, die auf der Blockchain basiert, und bei welcher man durch das Verfassen von Beiträgen und Kommentaren Geld verdienen kann.


Mein Interesse war natürlich direkt riesengroß.
Also direkt registriert und nach 2 Wochen ging es endlich los.

Zugegebenermaßen sah ich zunächst als erstklassige Gelegenheit, trotz fehlenden finanziellen Mitteln, Kryptowährungen zu kaufen, indem ich sie mir einfach selbst ''erarbeitete'' bzw. verdiente.

Hinzu kam sehr schnell, dass ich noch weitaus mehr positive Effekte neben dem finanziellen Aspekt erkannte.

Da die Community auf Steemit sehr international ist, die deutsche Community zu dem Zeitpunkt noch relativ klein war und die gängigste Sprache auf der Plattform eben Englisch ist,
sah ich Steemit als Möglichkeit mein Englisch etwas aufzubessern.

So verfasste ich die meisten meine Beiträge, sowie auch diesen hier in 2 Sprachen.
Englisch und Deutsch.

Sehr schnell habe ich auch Gefallen am Verfassen von Beiträgen gefunden.
Zunächst schrieb ich hauptsächlich über Themen wie Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Fitness/Gesundheit/Ernährung und Kryptowährungen - alles Themen die mich persönlich logischerweise sehr interessieren und mit denen ich mit privat auch viel beschäftige.
Bei der Recherche für meine Beiträge habe ich mich dann nochmals viel intensiver mit den Thematiken auseinander gesetzt, für die ich mich ohnehin schon interessiere, mir aber nie die Zeit genommen habe, wirklich ins Detail zu gehen.
Ich habe also beim Verfassen meiner Beiträge selbst noch eine Menge dazu gelernt oder mich an Details erinnert.

Die Euphorie war also anfangs riesig.
Ich hab mir vorgestellt, wie sich die Payouts auf meinen Beiträgen nach kurzer Zeit steigern werden und sich mit den steigenden Kursen in naher Zukunft eine super finanzielle Grundlage bilden wird.

Sehr schnell musste ich merken, dass Steemit alles andere als ein Selbstläufer ist.
Die erwarteten Payout blieben aus, obwohl ich für jeden meiner Beiträge eine Menge an Zeit und Mühe investierte.
Also dachte ich mir, meine Beiträge müssen noch aufwendiger, länger, qualitativ hochwertiger werden.
Ich saß teilweise 7,8 Stunden an einem einzelnen Beitrag.
Die Recherche, richtige Formulierung, Bilder/GIF-Auswahl, Übersetzung usw. waren richtige Zeitfresser.

Und dennoch blieben die wirklich starken Upvotes aus.
Ich hatte eben das Problem, das so gut wie alle Neueinsteiger haben:
Die Reichweite hat gefehlt.
Deine Beiträge können noch so qualitativ hochwertig sein, wenn sie nicht gesehen werden, werden sie auch nicht gevoted.

Ich hab erkannt, dass es eben seine Zeit dauert, bis du tatsächlich registriert wirst.
Wie so oft sind Ausdauer und Geduld hier die Schlüssel zum Erfolg.

Also wenn du auch gerade in der Situation bist und ins Zweifeln kommst, weil du so viel Mühe in deine Beiträge steckst, aber einfach nicht registriert wirst,
bleib dran und gib bloß nicht auf. Früher oder später wird es sich auszahlen.

Mit zunehmender Zeit hat sich der Content meiner Beiträge dann doch etwas gewandelt.
Ich hab angefangen, mich in meinen Beiträgen zunehmend dem Fitness, dem gesunden Lifestyle und der gesunden Ernährung zu widmen.

Und dann war da noch diese Video Plattform, die optisch sehr viel Ähnlichkeit zu Youtube hatte und auf der Steem Blockchain lief.


Als ich die ersten Videos auf Dtube gesehen hatte, war ich zunächst natürlich sehr interessiert, beschloß aber relativ schnell, dass die Plattform nichts für mich sei, da mein Englisch einfach zu schlecht war um Videos aufzunehmen.
Nach weiterem Überlegen kam mir dann aber der Gedanke, dass ich meinen scheinbaren Nachteil doch in einen persönlichen Vorteil wenden könnte, in dem ich die Plattform nutzte um an meinem Sprachdefizit zu arbeiten.

Also wagte ich es und veröffentlichte mein erstes Video auf Dtube.
Ein schöner Upvote von Dtube motivierte, der Plattform eine Chance zu geben und mehr Videos zu produzieren.

Mittlerweile habe ich knapp 60 Videos meiner Vlog Serie hochgeladen und nutze zurzeit eher Dtube als Steemit für meine Uploads.
In meinen Videos geht es hauptsächlich um die Themen:
Fitness und einen gesunden Lebensstil, wobei die Ernährung natürlich einen großen Teil ausmacht.
Häufig bereite ich Frühstück, Mittagessen oder Desserts vor und gebe allgemeine Tipps, die für mich funktionieren.

Da auf diesen Themen mein Schwerpunkt liegt und ich mehr Menschen zu einer gesunden Lebensweise und Sport motivieren möchte, verknüpfe ich auch das im Titel angesprochende Mega 50 SBD Gewinnspiel damit.

50 SBD Gewinnspiel

50 sbd .png

Was ich verlange ist an sich ganz einfach:
Lade irgendetwas hoch, das zeigt was du für eine gesunde Lebensweise machst.
Das „wie“ und „was“ spielen hierbei keine Rolle.
Ein Foto unter diesem Beitrag, ein Kommentar, ein Video, ein Post - alles ist möglich.
Zeig welchen Sport du machst, erstelle ein gesundes Rezept, lass dich auf der Hüpfburg Filmen - dir sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Je kreativer desto besser :-)

Die einzige Bedingung:

Du musst ein Follower sein .

Upvote und Resteem wären natürlich klasse, aber da das auch eine Art Dankeschön an die Community ist, sind sie kein muss.


- Veröffentliche etwas aus deinem Leben, was zu deiner Fitness/Gesundheit beiträgt
- Du musst mir folgen
- Upvote/resteem sind kein muss, werden aber sehr geschätzt.
- Teilnahmeschluss ist der 05.06., um 12 Uhr deutscher Zeit

Die Gewinner werden ausgewählt von einem hoch ausgebildetem Jurorenteam, bestehend aus meinem Hasen und mir.
Abhängig von der Anzahl der Teilnehmer werde ich den Gewinnpot einteilen.
Ich hoffe, dass ich mit meinen Beiträgen mehr und mehr Leute zu einer gesunden Lebensweise mit mehr Aktivität im Alltag inspirieren kann.

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss

Natürlich ist eine Social Media Plattform nichts wert ohne eine geile Community.
Und die ist hier definitiv vorhanden.
Durch Steemit habe ich einige sehr interessante Persönlichkeiten kennen gelernt, wofür ich sehr dankbar bin.
Ich bin mit Menschen aus der ganzen Welt ins Gespräch gekommen, wie ich es sonst nicht erlebt hätte.

An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich bei allen Supportern, Kuratoren, Kommentatoren, Gesprächspartnern usw. bedanken, denen ich im letzten halben Jahr begegnet bin.

Um nur ein paar zu nennen:, @k3lda, @modernpastor, @shaka @flipstar, @lichtblick, @andyjaypowell, @ilyastarar, @solenn, @steemit.vlog, @acromott.
Auch @jaki01, der zwar bisher (nur) fleißig meine Kommentare liket, was aber auch einen erheblichen Gewinn bringt.
Generell allen vom DACH Discord Server, auch wenn ich mich momentan zeitbedingt eher wenig dort aufhalte.
Natürlich auch @dtube, die mich mit ihren starken Upvotes motivieren, weiter Videos zu produzieren, und vor allem auch
@sweetsssj, die die Sponsorin des heutigen Gewinnspiels ist.
Sie veröffentlicht außerdem erstklassige Beiträge auf Steemit und wirkt an der weekly Health Challenge mit.

In diesem Sinne verabschiede ich mich mit meinem Beitrag und wünsche allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg beim Gewinnspiel.
Falls noch irgendwelche offenen Fragen da sind, stelle sie einfach in einem Kommentar.
Hau ordentlich rein, ich freue mich auf deine Teilnahme :)

Jason – Infinityroad

infinityroad abschluss.jpg

My video is at DLive

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First of all, you are one of the rarest steemians i have come across who is actually like me :) Coming to know about cryptocurrency in the late 2017 and all that student thing in between. Only that i did not know about the steemit platform till very late in the start of this year. So, i joined late and i am facing the initial things you mentioned that every minnow suffers from. I started writing really energetic posts with high enthusiasm, input and concentration but soon enough was disappointed because nobody was interested in my writing and efforts. So, i would say thank you for inspiring me i shall be still focused on my blog and i hope someday i shall be like you :) Also,

Congratulations on achieving these stats on steemit and thank you for being a giver

Secondly, coming to the task of posting something about: "what do i do keep my health up"?
In short i would say swimming and healthy food. But, it is not as simple as it sounds here. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to get out of the busy schedule and go for it. Also, due to the wide availability of unhealthy, quick to eat and artificial ingredients and unavailability of natural food, it becomes a challenge to find good ingredients. I would simply add two pictures to show my obsession about promoting healthy food that i make fruit/vegetable bouquets to gift to my friends. I shall add its picture here :)
All the best with the contest and life



Thank you for your valuable comment and entry to my contest.
And thanks for the congratulations :)


Always welcome :)


Thanks @infinityroad for the wonderful opportunity given.
I had issues of tummy and back fat few years ago. It was so bad, you know, having a protruding belly like a pregnant woman.
A friend introduced me to Yoga and since there was no Yoga tutor or class where i school, i had to download youtube videos, i googled on how to do Yoga the right way especially for a flat tummy.
In the process, i also stumbled on water therapy for a flatter tummy. I decided to do the Yoga twice a week for a start and the water therapy everyday for a month.

Yoga and water therapy indeed changed my look as i became sexier and more confident.
Goodbye to the bulging belly and overlapping back fat.

This is a short story on how fitness in form of Yoga and water therapy changed my life.

Here are pictures of my Yoga workout within just 3 weeks of start in the comfort of my room in school.




Thank you for your entry :)

I'm in a similar situation than you in your beginnings. Investing a lot of time doing my post. I have three months on Steemit and each day since, I have posted at least on article. Growing up is difficult, but not impossible. I know that soon my articles will be more visible, but all here is about perseverance. Maybe new people see these kind of post in trending section with hundred of SBD as a reward and they get their hopes up. But then they realize that it would not be that easy. The key is not thinking about money, but about we are making history colaborating with this amazing technology called blockchain, and with the first social network on it. BTW Ich lerne Deutsch hahaha. Aber ist mehr schwerig als englisch hahaha. Regards from Venezuela and keep doing this amazing posts!


You're so right with your words.
Thank you for your valuable comment.
Haha das stimmt, deutsch zu lernen ist nicht sehr einfach.
Größten Respekt, dass du die Sprache lernst :)

Me and my cat exercise, no matter what, no excuses, if you want, you can!



Amazing, no excuses!

I literally wrote about my first 4 weeks experiences of steemit and then found your post about hanging in there when nobody is really seeing your posts...

What do I do for fitness? I focus on movement and balance mostly and living in front of the beach helps ;)


Your lotus handstand looks amazing!


Thanks brother I broke it up into 4 different pieces until I was strong enough to do it all, then I spent 6 months drinking plants lost all my muscle and began the process ALL over again ;) I see you put a lot of care into your articles and wow to also posting it in german, keep on creating that good content brother it is appreciated.

my new weight equipment






This is great. No excuses!

I practice dance or martial arts once in 2 days and the rest is weight training . More or less like Kris Gethin's DTP workout programme


Thanks for your entry.

@infinityroad Great idea, congrats on hitting the half year mark! Well If you watched my first HwZ episode 1, that was the first hike I had done in over a year. Since joining Dtube/steemit 3 weeks ago I have now gone on 3 hikes and I have started eating healthier. I have a long way to go and many things I need to change still. You'd better believe I'll be keeping an eye out on your videos for tips and tricks for a healthier life style. Keep up the good work!


Amazing man, keep it up.
Dtube is making people fit haha!

Great post! Upvoted you. Following you aswell. Have a nice day and thank you for sharing.


Thank you!

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Congrats on the 6 months mate! I'll look into what I can do to show you what I do to stay healthy for sure! You've done amazing work to grow your account as effectively as you have. :)


Thank you. I'm looking forward to your entry.
Always giving my best! :)

Hey @infinityroad erstmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Halben Jahr auf Steemit! Ich persönlich mache (mittlerweile) sehr viel für meine Gesundheit, so habe ich nun seit fast einem Jahr keinen Tropfen Alkohol mehr getrunken umd angefangen Sport zu machen. Am Anfang "nur" mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht in Richtung Callisthenics. Ich hatte dabei den "Vorteil" das ich mich schon länger mit der Theorie von Muskelaufbau (Kalorienüberschuss,TUT,Satzpausen,...) auseinander gesetzt hatte (seit ungefähr 2 Jahren) und so konnte ich direkt am Anfang also seit einem Jahr "durchstarten" ich habe mir dann direkt ein TP zusammengestellt und meine erste Massephase begonnen da mein Ziel eben war schwerer zu werden. Ich habe mir dann relativ schnell auch Freihanteln gekauft um mein Training zu Hause noch besser gestalten zu können. Meine Ernährung hat sich vor einem Jahr auch schlagartig gebessert und ich habe so einen "lean bulk" durchgezogen und im Gegensatz zu vorher stark darauf geachtet eine optimale Versorgung mit Mikro Nährstoffen (Vitamine umd Mineralien) zu bekommen. Der Effekt den eine gesunde Ernährung hat ist wirklich riesig ich kann da nur jedem emofejlen mehr Gemüse und Obst zu essen. Selbstverständlich habe ich auch kein Hasenfleisch mehr gegessen haha;) Aufjedenfall hat das ganze sehr gut funktioniert und ich konnte in ein paar Monaten sichtbar mehr Muskeln aufbauen. Ich habe dann auch angefangen zu Meditieren und Abendspaziergänge zu machen was mir sehr dabei geholfen hat mein Stresslevel zu senken. Vor ~3 Monaten habe ich mich dann in einem Fitnessstudio angemeldet und bin sehr zufrieden damit wie das ganze sich entwickelt :) Meine Massephase will ich noch bis nächsten Frühling durchziehen. Mein Zielgewicht bis dahin wären vielleicht 90kg. Und dann für den Sommer in eine Diät. Ich will Kraftsport für den Rest meines Lebens betreiben und achte deshalb sehr auf Ausführung, gute Haltung etc. Ich habe mir auch eine Black Roll gekauft mit deren Übungen zum Faszien Lösen ich sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Als Schlusssatz kann ich nur jedem empfehlen: investiert in euch selber. Das Geld das ein Fitnessstudio und eine gesunde Ernährung kosten ist es wert wenn ihr dadurch länger, gesünder, vitaler und zufriedener lebt. Ich wünsche dir noch viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog! Möge das zweite Halbe Jahr ebenso schnell und erfolgreich verlaufen ;)
PS: Ich habe auf meinem Blog eine 1 SBD Verlosung falls jmd interesse hat. Schönen Tag noch!


Vielen Dank für deine Story und deiner Teilnahme.
Hört sich super an.
90 Kg sind ja schon einiges. Wie groß bist du denn?


Danke dir für dein Gewinnspiel ;) Ja stimmt 90 kg ist schon viel aber ich bin auch 1.86 da kann man dieses Gewicht ja auch lean gut erreichen. Paar Kilo Muskeln müssen dafür aber noch drauf haha :D Schönen Tag noch!

Es ist wirklich überraschent wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Ich habe vor kurzem entdeckt dass ich bald auch 1 Jahr auf steemit bin, da muss ich mir jetzt überlegen was ich dafür machen will.


Ich bin gespannt :)

First of all, great to see another german in here, very nice!

I actually just started less than a week ago, but your story is quite enticing and motivating, so I am thrilled to see where I will after being here for half a year.

I decided to post in english exclusivly, for similar reasons as you, but I haven't considered posting in both languages. Would you say that doing so would be beneficial, especially early on?


Yeah it depends on the community of your country.
In some way often they are a bit more connected to you, so I personally want to give the people who don't talk englisch the chance to understand my posts.
But since English is the most common language I mostly use englisch.
I think it is beneficial to use 2 languages, even if it is a bit more work.


I will consider it. Might actually be useful just for the sake of practice.

Where in germany do you live?


The closest biggest city is Frankfurt.


Aaah, I see. A couple hundred kilometers away from me then. I live close to Düsseldorf.

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Hi, sir @infinityroad😄
Sorry for commenting this kind of comment (No need to upvote) but PLEASE help me to resteem this link to help newbies in Steemit because we are a family We need to help each other. If it is okay with you sir. If you don't like, Do not nevermind this post.
Thank you so much:)

Eggs, vegetables and fruits, garlic and fresh fish never lacks in my kitchen.
As a mother, I ensure that my dishes has at least two of the above mentioned items.
I believe it's a healthy selection because since four years now, none of my four-member family has been hospitalized.
Our biggest breakdown is usually the flu.
Thanks for sharing your experiences as a minnow. But must the system still be the same till now?
I wish to be like you someday. If you can make it as a student, I want to nurse a big hope thereof.


Thank you for your comment.
For sure the system has changed a bit since I entered steemit, but the main points to get successful are still the same.
Of course you can do it, and you WILL! :)

About a year ago, I learned how to do back flips. These days I don't do it anymore, but through the process of learning I grew to like gymnastics.

So what I do is that I practice handstands almost everyday and I have gymnastics rings set up in the garage. I'm really into bodyweight training in general.

It's really fun and good for me :)


Amazing, the back flip is something I want to learn as well.
For now I do backflips only on the trampoline haha.
Keep it up!

I came across this post by chance and Im glad I did. At this moment Im at that stage where it seems like Im not visible. It has disvouraged me and lately I have been focusing more onto bidding bits rather than the quality of my contents. Reading this made me inspired again and made me want to post more about health as I originally planned. More of mental health tbh. I will try to write up something for this contest too!!


I'm glad that you found some inspiration through my post.
Yes do your entry :)

Healthy living should be a lifestyle and so is keeping fit. Healthy living helps in increasing our life span and it's something that should be taken seriously.
Well am a student and I don't have much time to hit the gym for body fitness but I do engage in exercise and games because I'm a lover of sports and that's another way of keeping fit. I play football anytime I come across it and I participate in morning jogs also.
Also meals are important in healthy living so I make sure I have a complete square meal once a day.


Thanks for your comment mate.
I'm also student and I'm working. You have to take your time for the gym.
But of course it's more than all right if you do the other sports which you do.
Football is a grad sports!

Hola amigo la verdad es que todos pasamos por la etapa triste de que no nos voten las publicaciones, pero siempre pasa como tu mencionas en tu publicacion. siempre que estamos mas desesperados alguien llega y nos da un voto poderoso, ami me pasa siempre.
Mi rutina de ejercicio se trata del cardio, yo troto diariamente entre 10 a 15 kilometros, y es especial cada vez que salgo a trotar por las personas que veo y que trato cada vez que hacemos una carrera en camara lenta "trotando rapido=carrera lenta" jajajaja.
Esta es mi pista de recorrido diario, siempre junto al peligro que te golpee un carro ya que aqui en venezuela es normal que se pasen la luz de alto.
Mi batido de proteínas esta compuesto de cambur, avena y huevo. queda asi.
Espero les guste mi participación y muchas gracias por la oportunidad.


Hey, since this is an englisch/German contest it would have been nice if you translated this post into englisch.


lo que pasa es que no encuentro un traductor adecuado. y no hablo ingles.

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Your post inspired me to get out of laziness and do something good for myself. Thanks


Perfect! :)


I will write a post about Yoga & meditation and how it helps me in keeping fit :)


Great, looking forward to it :)

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

Good Luck to all and stay healthy!

I have been in an unhealthy dump for the past few years with GERD, caused by unhealthy eating and sleeping habits and many many phsycological stress. I only found out in 2015 that I have anxiety disorder and depression. It was hard getting out of it and as a result my weight went to a dangerously low 39kg. So for me, gaining weight is really important and it wans't until recently that I decided to not only gain weight but try to live healthier as my stamina gets lower and lower.

As I was always feeling anxious, I love staying in bed which made me feel secure. Little did I know that it caused my stamina to go downhill and most of the time I felt like I do not have energy. Since I'm in no shape for exercise, I would literally get breathless after a 500 steps of walking or going up two floors of stairs, I decided to do a healthy diet. Peopel think that diet means losing weight but it actually means having a good balance of meal. I boost it up with nutritional shakes as I need the supplements at the moment, drinking it twice a day.

I tried to always have carbo, protei and fiber in every of my meal and also eat more fruits. As of right now, my stamina is getting better and I can walk farther distance so I walk as an exercise. Walking to me is a good exercise, especially for people who are trying to get their health back but can't handle the gym or other much more demanding exercises. I'm also tryimng to fic my sleeping habit though this is going slowly, but I'm positive that I can do it.


Thank you for your honest comment.
Very interesting and inspiring story.
There are a lot of nutrients and ways which would help in your situation.
I think you're on the right track!


I love hiking in mountains, we can breath, watch the real nature and that's allowed to everybody even if you are not sportsman.
Alps, in France


Thank you for your entry.
Great shot!


Thank you sir :)

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Excellent post! Upvoted and following you.Thank you for sharing.


Thank you!

Hello dear friends. This is my participation. To have a good physical condition and health. Apart from doing exercises, you have to have a good diet.

I like to eat healthy. That is why I leave you some of my favorite dishes, cake or Calabacin omelette, accompanied by biscuit and cheese.

Thanks for this initiative @infinityroad


Thanks for your entry.
This looks delicious! :)

Happy to be able to participate in the video challenge of my healthy lifestyle thank you for making this challenge possible and it's amazing to see the different healthy lifestyles from all over the world


Haha nice entry man!
Enjoyed watching it. :)

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Thanks for your entry :)

A great contest with big prizes, I want to participate in it, but I have not really understood ,,please let me know clearly.😊😊


You can upload a comment or a photo or a post in which you show something health.
It could be a healthy recipe, the sport you're doing or just anything.


Always pushing! ;-)

Ex qui site! Trust me!



This looks good! :)

I run marathons since almost preteen, this picture is from a few years ago ;)



Very nice!
Marathons are extremely challenging.

Here it is my new brand video to tell you what give me the heath to my life : Music and faith
Mental illness became a strong and powerfull energy to write a lots of songs.
Happyness from the darkness : MUSIC

Unità tra noi (original) - Units between us . Here it is the track:

Enjoy and thank for your video.
I'm Italian Romantic Songwriter and here is all my music :


Thanks for your entry.

there is no other activity ,food ,sports,lifestyle which alone can make us healthy ,though they all play their part nothing will come even close to nature.that is why i give alot of importance to nature

There are a growing number of studies and campaigns putting forward evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier people, something that few of us nature lovers would argue with.
Nature isn’t a miracle cure for diseases,but by interacting with it, spending time in it, experiencing it and appreciating it we can reap the benefits of feeling happier and healthier as a result
I spend alot of time exploring nature and the happiness i recieve,refreshes my soul

i try to remain connected with nature
i dont like a chaostic city life, i spend most of the time in places which are full of greenery
and eat more natural diet


Thank you for your participation.
I also like spending more time in the nature and less in closed environments. :)

I have recently done the camino Frances on a bicycle starting in the north of England2500km.
My dropped from about a100 kg down to75.


This is amazing.
Congratulations and biggest respect for this achievement!

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Happy new month. This is an exclusive work-out session video live. It is a programme to build up our own youth, our own self, our health life and our future. Health is wealth remember. Take some of your time to shake off your muscles and bones. Watch this, @infinityroad


Thanks for your entry :)
Hello @infinityroad, thanks for sharing you contest with us on discord that is where i found your post. I try to post my entry video directly here but was not able so I made a post with dtube instead and post the link here and I hope you be grateful to me to check my entry video. Fitness is all I do and it has been part of me now, I run a tutorial on dtune every week on keeping fit and execise. Thank you very much for your time


Cool entry man!
Enjoyed watching your video.
You're really fit

This is my old dumbbell that I use to exercise, although I must admit I have it a little abandoned.


This looks amazing!

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I would be very grateful.

Followed and upvoted. And this is my post for your contest, I hope you like it

P/S: Congratulation, I wish I could achieve something like you after 6 months. I'll try my best


Cool entry, enjoyed it.


thank you

This is a cool idea for a contest. Thanks for running it and congrats on your first six months :) Here is my entry:

Aiming to be as healthy as possible while living with a disabling chronic health condition is a complicated affair! My aim with everything I do is to eat as many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant-rich foods as possible, such as fruits and vegetables, moong dahl, neem tea and green tea.

One of the most helpful things I've found in the last six months is called golden paste. The spice turmeric is boiled and simmered in water and then mixed with olive oil and black pepper once cooled. That's it. Simple, and really effective for me.

It is brilliant when I find things that help me.

The process of cooking the turmeric and then mixing it with olive oil and pepper makes the helpful components in turmeric much more easily absorbed by the body. I take it daily, mixed into almond milk. It is wonderful to feel its calming effects on my body.

CC pic


Thanks for your entry :)

Yeeeah! @infinityroad Ein halbes Jahr schon!

Bei mir ist es auch gar nicht mehr so lange hin, aber die Reichweite habe ich bei weitem noch nicht :D
Was höchstwahrscheinlich daran liegt, dass du mit krassem Fokus konsequent ablieferst und immer dran bleibst! Kann man sich nur dran orientieren! 💪

Danke auch, dass ich hier so nett erwähnt wurde, es freut mich auch mega, was man hier für coole Leute kennenlernt, die ähnliche oder sogar die gleichen Interessen haben! :)

Also dann, habe auch mal an deinem Contest mitgemacht haha; Nicht zu ernst nehmen, zu was krasserem hat mir die zeit nicht gereicht (Ausrede for myself) ^^ Aber für dich bin ich aus der Versenkung erstmal wieder aufgetaucht :P War schon richtig geschockt, als ich gesehen habe, wann mein letzter Post war :O Wo wir wieder bei der Konsequenz und so wären... naja, wird noch 😀

Also dann, ich kann nur sagen: Keep going! Irgendwann probiere ich auch mal deine ganzen Rezepte durch!
Nächste Marke ist der Vlog 100! Also auf auf! :D

Fette Grüße!
k3lda 💪


Danke dir für deine netten Worte und deine Teilnahme.
Dein Beitrag hat mich gut amüsiert :)

Hello @infinityroad, it is important to maintain a balanced diet and do daily exercises to have good health.
I walk every day, on a road near my house, which I do several laps in a time of 45 minutes, that I do daily at 06:00 am, another exercise I do is upload every fifteen days or once a month to the mountain, it is a steep step, it is located behind the maracay hotel, Avda.las delicias, Maracay, Venezuela.
It's the picture I show you.

In my feeding routines, I drink liquefied oatmeal with cambur in the morning it is super energetic, and you do not need to add sugar.

I leave the link on how to prepare it:

Thank you for your help, that we all contribute more in health for our wellbeing.
subida del cerro hotel maracay.JPG


Your routine sounds good.
Thanks for your entry!

Jason, you are such an incredible person. I have been away for a while so couldn't interact. Glad to be back here and see you give back to the community. Good luck for future as well!

Here's what has been my number one reason of fitness for best part of 14 years now.



Thank you brother. For sure I can give those words back to you stronger.
All the best to you.

Football (soccer) - more than Just a game.

This is a photo taken by me wen i go out running almost every two days around my house for getting fit and stay healthty20180429_184805.jpg
The view it calms me always and inspired me to keep going.

Enjoy it!



Nice photography, thanks for your entry!


Thank you very much

Just want to say that I'm so happy for your achievements Jay! You are doing well and you deserved it. You provide quality posts from the very start and never stop! Cheers! 🥂


Oh thank you my dear.
Those nice words make me happy.
I'm always trying to give 100%.
Glad that it gets recognized :)

OMG!! Haha you and your rabbit!! I love it!! :)

hiii jason! I made it over in the nick of time... hehehe got some funny street pole spots that I found for my entry :D More in the post!!



Thank you for your entry.
I enjoyed it.
I definitely can relate to your pole addiction haha :)

So, finally I get time to take part here ;)

As you might know from reading my blog, I like to combine sports with the beautiful nature of my home country Austria. It doesn't matter if it is running around a marvelous lake like this one at 6am in the morning,

(Click on it to enjoy full resolution!)

or if it is skiing down our mountains during the winter.

When it comes down to sport I think it is mainly important to do what you love rather than doing what you think you need to do.

If you love it, you will be better at it and stick to it longer.

Besides my diverse activities in our marvelous nature, I am part of a local soccer club which also makes up for 3-4x sport sessions per week :)


Last but not least I am also member at a local gym, just to round up my general fitness in order to be ready for all the stuff I do. I even do some of the stuff you show in your videos from time to time. Unfortunately definitely not on such an advanced level.

Summed up I do quite a lot and feel addicted to it, since it just makes you feel better. I honestly can not understand how someone can live without sports.

Thank you for the contest and congrats on your achievments so far - Both here and on the bars!

Greets, Martin


Danke dir für deine Teilnahme.
Skifahren, Fußball und Fitness.. Du triffst aber auch meinen Geschmack.. :P

How do you find posts by everyone? I submit my article link under your contest. Thank you for hosting the contest.<3

First of all, thank you for hosting this exciting contest!
Going to bed at the right time and soon is a good thing for your health, That's why I rarely stay up late.

To have a slim, toned body, I usually combine yoga and diet.
Yoga helps me maintain beauty, keep the body firm, not sagging.
The most susceptible muscles of the body are the face, chest, abdomen and buttocks, and yoga moves always force the practitioner to perform difficult postures without missing any muscles on the body.
Mobility, regeneration, which brings the elasticity of the skin, keeping the firm and bright. Like many other sports, it is good for health and disease prevention, but yoga is also known as gold therapy for all illnesses that extend the life of astonishing.
The "very simple look" movements of yoga, combined with the individual breathing method of the practitioner, will help us to control our body flexibly.

After 1.2 months of yoga, it helps to regulate blood pressure, improve spinal and bone diseases, improve brain and lung function, reduce risk of heart disease, stabilize blood sugar. That's why I do yoga.
In addition, I will eat according to the regime,Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water.Limit eat foods high in fat, oil and fat.
The above are the methods I use to keep my body firm and good health. Thanks for reading !