Improving Your Photography With @scottshots - Part 1 of 3

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Hello @hyperfundit fans! I am Scott Thompson (@scottshots), here to try to help improve your photography. @hyperfundit has asked me to post on their page on a regular basis, teaching basic photography techniques and answering questions with the goal to help improve your photography for your steemit posts. I'm really excited to help @hyperfundit as they are an incredible team dedicated to helping others, if you haven't already, please look into what they do on their page or at their website HERE.

A little bit about who I am: I started my photography business, Scott Shots Photography, in 1998 and I have been a professional photographer ever since. I prefer to shoot landscape photos and sell my big prints through art galleries, local stores, and my website but I also shoot a lot of commercial work for businesses. I shoot product photography, storefront and interior photos for local businesses, and I produce a ton of virtual tours of homes for sale or rent.

I'm fairly new to teaching so bear with me on that, but I have a ton of photography knowledge that I've accumulated over the last 20+ and I have been wanting to share that knowledge here on steemit lately.

We will start this educational series with a video from the Las Vegas Steem Creators Conference, where I was asked to give a photography presentation/workshop with the same goal, to help others improve their photography for their steemit posts. The presentation was 50 minutes long so we have divided it up into 3 parts. The first part is more about basic gear and techniques you can use to step up your photography game with DSLR cameras, but also how you can use those techniques and some less expensive gear to improve your cell phone photography.

I won't go into all the details here in text, so please watch the video to learn more! I will, however, provide Amazon links below to the gear I talked about where the gear can be purchased. I am not an Amazon affiliate so please feel free to do more research onthe gear and purchase whatever you like, at whatever store you like. Also, make sure the gear will fit or work with the camera, lens, or phone that you own.

Gear I mentioned in the Video:

Selfie Stick with tripod

Flash Diffuser

Portable Collapsable Reflector

LED Light Panel

LED Ring Light

Bright Head Lamp

Cell Phone Lens Kit

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Polarizing Filter

Thank you again for watching this video. Watch Part 2 here. Feel free to ask me questions about anything you saw in the comments below. Have a great and photogenic day!

-Scott Thompson / @scottshots

My video is at DLive



Thank you, that's wasome that you like it.

This is awesome, hyperfundit and Scott Shots! Thanks for the lesson in photography, and your help to the steemit community! Come and join us at SteemSchools at:, see you there, I am Hongkong&Philippines there!

As an instructor? 😂

Glad you like the vid @aidasfg7, thank you for watching. I'll stop by and see what's going on there...

Its a buisness school teaching that steemit is a buisness all about money. They are like the borg of discords currently fir steemit. Not that they are right or wrong but just make sure these guys treat you well as your the most talented photographer ive ever seen or met!


Steemit is more about community and growth not just money.

Ah, got it, thank you.

this is exactly what I need as I'm about to get into photography soon (waiting for my a6300 to finally arrive) followed and waiting for more info!

That's awesome @runicar! Enjoy the a6300!!!

Will do! Btw I'm starting a colaboration soon and will bring a contest here on steemit aimed for hobby/professional potographers.

Would love to see you join. It should start in 2 weeks. Hit me up on discord if interested (nick same as here) or just comment here.

Thank you for the info @runicar. Looks like an interesting project, I'll check it out more later today...

Oh, you're a professional photographer that's why your photos are great :)

No, my photos are great because I have a really nice camera... Just kidding! Yes, 20+ years as a photographer has taught me a lot. I'm trying to give back these days and teach a little bit of what I have learned over the years. Thank you for checking out this post!

Also i want to grow a photography movement

WOW @scottshots this is so cool!!!!!! I'm loving this!

Awesome, thank you @gabyoraa! I love that you love it. Your work is always amazing so I appreciate your praise. Cheers!

This is awesome @scottshots & @hyperfundit! It was so great to meet you all! I hope to see you again come September :)

Thank you @katysavage! Glad you like it and it was great to meet you and @josephsavage too. I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Toronto Steem Creators Conference but the Austin one is on my calendar.

Hi @scottshots! Really great information you are sharing with us! It was a pleasure going through all the article and the links attached to it. Got to know much more about professional photographing!

Thank you one more time and keep up the excellent work!

Thank you @yanipetkov! Glad you like it. I will definitely make more of these types of posts. Happy shooting!!!

In the 1950's, a few years before I was born, my grandparents were vacationing at the Grand Canyon, and saw a man taking photographs. My grandfather, who fancied himself a skilled amateur photographer, offered the man some unsolicited technical advice. The man listened politely, nodded, and thanked my grandfather courteously.

Some months later, they saw a series of breathtakingly good B&W photographs of the Grand Canyon in National Geographic magazine, and realised that my grandfather had been giving advice to Ansel Adams. My grandfather said that he had never in his life felt like such an idiot.

Hahaha! I Hope there are no Ansel Adams type photographers watching this vid. It is more for beginners. Funny story, thank you for sharing. Cheers!

When the photo is in place, it is a work of art.

Especially when you place the photo on a wall... lol. Thank you for checking out the post!

I love it, you have a lot of potential keep going

Will do, thank you @audidelfin!

wow, nice but anything that you can do with this?

Thank you @bryanowl! And no problem. I increased the shadow detail, darkened the highlights a bit, and increased the color saturation. This is what the photo looked like after those edits. ;)


lool this is great 🤣

  • Iris

Glad you like it Iris!!! Hahaha! I was hoping @bryanowl would get a kick out of it too...

love this bro, thanks. that's a gr8 one indeed, thanks again @scottshots

Haha! Good, I'm glad you like that one @bryanowl, it was fun to put together. Cheers!

Really amazing and fascinating the world of photography. I'm trying to take lessons because I'm interested in learning about that.

Photography can indeed be amazing and fascinating. Good luck with your lessons, there is sooo much free information available on the web. I'll try to keep putting out more photo education posts here on steemit.

photography is best hobby

Well, I can't argue with that!

Hey, your welcome.

its post need for me, its a learning post

Glad you like learning from posts.

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Certainly, this is just information. Have a great day!

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