Steem thats why your here right ;)

This was the correct answer.
Get a fat stack of steem, get some fat upvotes. Start wielding that shit like a weapon to get more content creators to the platform.

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@hodgetwins , I think, me now investment in the, ( ripple, steem, litecoin, iota,,,,, Today, we are all very happy, because market is mostly green, I think now to begin, we can move forward, and 2018 last 2019 First, we can see many things, from the market, what do you think ?? Market will be more green ????


great content as always bros! have a great weekend!! :D vote my DLive stream too if you can.

I like your videos guys :) what you think about thisone? can be really?

That synchronized air pull through the nose epic

interesting video.. I will share it.

A whole six months of experience with technical analysis? You mofos gonna definitely be on my "must view" list.

Nice video @hodgetwins. The market is really weird. Brilliant suggestions guys

Hey @hodgetwins, what's the best way to get a hold of you guys?

Get more technical with all them gainz!!

Find something with a strong dev team that's consistent and has a product that has a obvious use case. Then you'll be assured that it's here to stay

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Hello. Read into SAFEX when you have a minute you will not be disappointed.

Hey guys i loved the video, also myself into crypto, love Steemit
i think consider more of STeem good project, as double success with video too as well
anyways i upvoted and replied here as my gracious support to all of the crypto community
keep up the good work sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos