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Anti-radio I didn't know that you have a personal page reader in the form of DeeJayPallaside.... Once I fought terribly against plagiarism and I managed to convince the creators to some extent to include sources in the film description, unfortunately, what DeeJayPallaside presents is a simple reading of websites, which is in fact very weak.... If Pałkerson at least edited the text to a minimal extent, it would be still calm, because it would be obvious that he would put in a minimal amount of work. Unfortunately, he prefers to go for a visa because he knows that children will still click their paws up and this one will continue to grow in strength.... Dear young youtubers, I recommend you to do the same, because as it turns out, the more you put your strength into your films, the fewer people will discover you, so prepare articles, scripts and film ideas and you will be put up and put on a pedestal and invited to various events such as MeetUp or Star For Fans.... Originality does not matter HOT topic even if it is 1:1 or helping the homeless in the form of giving them new adidas and when you gain fame and applause you can always beg for paws promising your own can see for example marathons, which you will not do anyway.... Sad truth, but the truth of Poland's YouTube is one big septic tank driven by brainless children dulling at the sight of their gods of the Internet, who have mastered the art of manipulation to perfection.... You are pawns in their game and since these pawns have a lot of them, a loss of one thousand or two will not make any difference to them.

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Widać znalazl se nowy kontent, teraz tylko o takich historyjkach będzie nagrywal, dzieciaki będą oglądać

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He he dobre, ale ładnie czyta :D

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