TVN UWAGA - Najbardziej nierzetelne źródło informacji

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I finished watching TTV where I was watching Attention by heart and I wonder why TVN is putting its hand to promote these whole patostreams.... It is known that under the cover of the fight against pathology they wanted to have a mega audience, but it turned out poorly.... Interrupting the interlocutors, creating your own theories and releasing clips from before X time is not a good idea.... The only person who logically spoke there and was interrupted was Dominik from the Awięc channel, a bit sad that when Dominik's speech did not go along with the leader's idea, he decided to break the talk, moreover, the same to Actor... Patostreamers were and will be, will parents start to control what their children watch on the Internet? Probably not because they don't have the time to treat patostreams as a kind of series like the world according to bad standards and they don't take advantage of these patterns because then it may end up badly for such a young kid.... Once there used to be Rock, Rojo< JJayJoker and they were talked about during breaks in school today we talk about patostreamers and what we do with it is rather nothing, only if the kid imitates his degenerated idols, he will be expelled from school.... I also paid attention to those children who stood there with cards and I wonder how much they paid for it, because it is rather known that if they go to school tomorrow, they will be ridiculed by the rest of their peers, who are even ardent fans....

My video is at DLive


Ciekawe czy TVN będzie chciał ci zdjąć film za ich logo w miniaturce bo oni lubią cenzure...

Muszą się postarać
Steemit-labs? bo tak ta platforma dziala(ICO? ) to nie YT.
A co do Magicla to raczej się nie wybieli*
Samo to w jakim świetle pokazał siebie i rodzinę.
To chyba jedyny i podstawowy punkt jego twórczości 😂😂
Bo co on moze teraz zrobić ?
Wejść głębiej boxedel'owi.🤔
I tak go osra.

Ale wersje na YT to by chętnie usunęli

mam to szczescie ze nie jestem zbytnio zwiazany z YT ;)

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

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