You look fantastic and i can't do all these yoga stuff as you LOL, also i liked your kitchen. May I ask how you make your shopping did you prepare a list?for your recipes? or just randomly? Every time i go for shopping i forget something 😭
have a wonderful day gringa 🌹

@injiskitchen Haha, well Trader Joe's isn't a place I go to often so I didn't have a specific list. However, when I do my everyday shopping I definitely need a list or I also forget things. 😍

Healthy food and perfect exercise is an ideal combo of fit and healthy lifestyle. Really enjoyed watching your video.

Okay I went back and watched this whole video. Omg Gring you super advanced at yoga!! Those are some really technical moves so impressive!! Also this was really fun to see behind the scenes of all the stuff you shop for and your explanations of everything . Your editing is gettin really good :) Thanks for posting this

@goldmatters Awww, thank you so much. My video skills are still majorly amateur but I'm so glad you can see an improvement. 😎

wow what a haul @gringalicious ! a definite upvote and resteem as well into my @momskithcen blog ! Now those are my kind of chocolate chips ! love the name of your Sage plant Yoda, Lol I just entered a Photo bomb challenge where I put hair on Yodas Head , so funny! This Trader Joes Place has so much great and healthy organic stuff ! I dont think we have one here in Kelowna ! great job , upped here on DLive ! will be back on steemit to do the same and also resteem ! Thanks for sharing your haul with us! 😀👍✌💕

@karenmckersie Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate your support! ❤️

Great to show us all these things. I enjoyed watching it even when I am not really into cooking. 😊
But sometimes the focus didn't work well🤔 May I ask which camera​ you use?

@modernpastor I filmed this with my Nikon D5300. However, I used my android phone inside the store.

Its great fun to see this. I am sure you enjoy this. I have seen many people creating video just for getting likes and votes but its great to see you and see how you enjoy making this. Thanks

@mishramukul I'm so glad you felt that way. I truly do enjoy sharing. 😍

hey this comment isnt related to your video or something, i just wanna say your name itself sounds delicious, just have a look- gringalicious=delicious lol, what a combination. just discovered your account with an interesting name. Good job

Quite an interesting day and great to see a vlog after a very long time

Looks like a great haul! Trader Joes is pretty awesome. I like their treats section. lol. So at the beginning when you were doing your Yoga poses, I was like, I would totally fall down trying all those. lol

@mrchef111 Haha, well I've been doing it for a while. It's totally been a game changer in the rest of my fitness.

Yeah I bet. :) It certainly is paying off ;) haha. Yoga is no joke, I used to make fun of it a long time ago, then I tried it (to meet girls of course) and it kicked my butt. Definitely have a respect for Yoga after that experience. haha That was like 10 years ago.

@mrchef111 Haha, well I'm glad you have a respect for it. It has totally save my wrists after I broke them last Summer and taught me so many things too.

That is really really cool. So glad it was and is so helpful for you. I can't remember if you said or not, but how long are each of your yoga sessions?

@mrchef111 Thanks! I don't follow any specific program, I just go by how I feel. I sometimes spend an hour while other times maybe just 45 minutes or even less I'd guess. Depends on how I'm feeling.😀

Awesome I guess that is the best way to do it! hahaha :) I really need to start doing it, and it is something I can do while watching TV or a movie. Although I don't have much time for that either these days. lol

@mrchef111 Haha, I totally understand. Best wishes my friend.

hello gringalicious! was good to see you live :) i am wondering, if this granola packs, do they not contain sugar? I haven't seen any like this without sugar yet :) Have a good day dear! x

@mykitchenlab Hmm, if you're referring to the vanilla almond granola then yes. It is certainly very sweet.

@gringalicious are you not avoiding sugar then ? or do you have it ocassionally ? you are so fit that i'd thought that your diet/lifestyle is very stict! :)

@mykitchenlab No I don't avoid sugar completely. I do try to limit refined sugars but I LOVE natural sugars in fruit and I do enjoy some treats when I want.

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