Montana Travels Glacier National Park

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My sister and I had such an amazing time at Glacier this past week hiking and camping. I'm so excited to share this video of all the footage we took. Sadly, the part with the rafting was cut short by my GoPro dying right as we got to the first rapids. So you'll just have to imagine it a being a lot more exciting than the footage here. Hope you enjoy!

My video is at DLive


good sharing. i like your post. and resteemit @gringalicious.

Very beautiful video, great landscape, how beautiful is nature, thank you for sharing your great trip with us.

You really have great time there.How to reach their @gringalicious please tell?

@gaurang It's in Montana but I can't give very good directions. I'm sure you can find it online.

Such a lovely place to visit I am sure you both must have a great fun out there.

You know what I was just reading you recent blog you post fee minutes ago and I got you reply what a co insidenenc. Keep enjoying you like that and stay happy always.

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haha! you trying to make everyone jealous again? what a wonderful area to visit. in the summertime. the scenery is breath taking, that water is so clear, so amazing, thank you!

@janton I really appreciate your support!

Aww beautiful shots!! Montana is such a stunning
place to visit. ♥️

Wow just watched the video on Dlive that was epic fun too much adventure haha totally loved it :D

Wow! It's spectacular!!!
Thanks for sharing! 💚

Wow, good adventure and very inspiring.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful .... very very very niceeeeeee.:D

@s0os0o7 Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you like it.

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