the Daily “Spotlight” ~ @gringalicious

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What is This?

Everyday I will Choose one post to Upvote at 100% Power.


Who Qualifies?

Anyone with Original Content.


Do I need to Use a Special Tag or Upvote this Post?



Why am I Doing This?

To “Shine a Light On” and/or Reward Good Content!


Who is in Today’s “Spotlight”?

~ @gringalicious ~

Click here 👉"Montana Travels Glacier National Park"





Thanks to @papa-pepper and @samsiedenstrang for creating these logos!


Excellent choice dear friend @daveks, @gringalicious is very deserving of this recognition. When you talk about food recipe, without doubt is the best. Congratulations.
I wish you a great day

@daveks "Montana Travels Glacier National Park" ,it deserved the have great choice.From many days I am observing,whatever post you are selecting ,its damn good.keep going.