Vlog #3: Looking for a New Gym + Meet My Baby

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Happy weekend guys! I've been trying to get in the habit of creating at least one vlog a week to share with you. This one is not nearly as exciting as previous ones. It's basically just a day in my life after visiting the dentist. Honestly, not the most interesting day either. Feel free to "cliff-watch" it then skip to the end where I share a little update in my life. ;)

My video is at DLive


A nice clip, I loved it because it brought us closer to your personality, do not hesitate to share your simple and wonderful everyday life

BE023FDB-18C8-473C-A0ED-D8EDB979B9FA.jpeg I love your license plate!! Here’s mine

Love it @goldmatters !

Ha ha thanks :)

Love the CRV - Love your vlogs. I hope there are a lot more coming, because they are great!

very nice try .your expression in this video is awesome really enjoyed it

Sweet Ride!!! And an SUV no less!

Thinking of making gym videos in the future? hahaha!

@awesomianist Thanks! And yes I'm thinking about gym videos, would you like to see that kind of video?

Sure why not!! Everyone loves seeing a person progress throughout their series of gym videos!

And I just think it make sense since exercise is another important aspect of health besides good food, which of course you are famous for.

Plus who knows, just like your countless good recipes, your workout videos would end up inspiring (even if just 1 of) your fans to start working on their body!

I am in fitness line too . I really love to see people going to gym and to some physical activity . God bless you . stay healthy stay fit

@praditya Thanks for the encouragement! 👍

I see what you did there. What a nice video. Feel like watching it again and again. Thumb up

So nice to see and hear you in this video!!! The dentist is not my favorite person to meet, but sometimes we really need him :D Hugs from Italy!! ^_^

Looks like it has been a great week for dentists all across the globe. A couple of friends of mine met theirs as well and.....well, let's just say they do not look as gorgeous as you are doing right now afterwards.

Having your wisdom teeth pulled out can be quite a hassle. I looked like a black Stan Smith for a week or so. No pain though, so that was on the plus side of things.

@paparodin Haha, yes wisdom teeth are a pain to get out. I had them out too.

Nice video i like your expression and i know dentist can't stole your expression.just kidding.You always motivate me love your vlog.

Have a good vacation for you, good blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

You’re very inspiring to me, thank you for sharing this video ❤️ I also hate dental work ahaha but I hardly noticed your numb mouth anyways! Also, loving your license plate! Hahaha so happy for you!

If i were a man i would fall in love with the you ❤️😍 sweet & funny Tori, i wish you all the best have a nice day

Congrats!! How exciting! Love the personalized plates. Too cute! I hope y'all are enjoying your summer!

Pretty awesome vlog to check out it was fun :)

so cute in clip

Great video share @gringalicious, Absolutely love your new car, the color, the make, everything! especially those personalized plates BLOGR Hahahaha how perfect, I am very envious right now my friend , I Want One So bad , love the sun roof too! do you own it, or is it on payments or a lease!? just curious what they go for, its probably more here in Canada! thanks for sharing and vlogging , I will try it one of these days!upped earlier now resteemed✌👍💕

@karenmckersie payments, paying with Steem. As always, super great commenting, thanks so much

Nice vlog , keep on sharing more. stay blessed.

Did anyone else catch BTS playing in the background, are you a fan too? Funny vlog, can't believe you decided to film after getting dental work done, you are a brave soul, lol. Loved the edits, music, and the new car. Congrats girl!

@kubbyelizabeth 😀Haha, yep it was on a whim for sure. Thanks for the overly kind comment ❤️😍

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