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RE: Travel with me #105 : The ATV tour of Cappadocia!

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I am Turkish and I had no idea there were so many cool places in Turkey. oh and I would probably ride with an ATV as well. Also, Beautiful shots as always and the food is yet again mouthwatering :)


Hi generation! I must say I loved Turkey a whole lot (I've been blogging about it for months now) you're very lucky to grow up in such a culturally rich country! Thanks for visiting!

Unfortunately, I didn't grow up in Turkey. I was born in Bulgaria and moved to America when i was 10 years old. But there are a lot of Turks in Bulgaria because Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. I have visited Turkey a few times (probably a lot less than you) and I have a lot of family that lives there and I have tried reading and educating my s elf about Turkey so I can know my background :)

Well i'm so glad that you decided to undertake a root seeking exercise. It is always a great thing to learn more about your lineage.

There is always something to learn and as long as we are alive we will always be learning. I figured that it is always useful when you learn a little bit about your lineage :)

hmmmm i admire your work keep it up.

wow wow and wow... that looks like an amazing adventure... and you look really beautiful to just had to say that.. super nice image and the food looks so inviting.. you are very lucky to be living this dream while you are still so young to enjoy it... thanks for sharing

thank you ezimedia! :)

so you are stranger to your on country...see turkey first before the world joke

I was once in Turkey just for a few hours and i saw a just little of its beatuy, but imust admit that this your post make me wanna go there forever 😁

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