Dark Souls 3 DLC + 3 SBD Giveaway #steemgc #dunite #dlove

in #dlive6 years ago


Ok, we had some days to cool off. Time to make some progress in Ashes of Ariandel.

More info about the giveaway: https://steemit.com/dlive/@gamesjoyce/announcement-daily-giveaway-stream-schedule-of-week-19

My live stream is at DLive


Congrats @criticalbarny, the RNG has been kind to you today! I'm sending you the giveaway asap. :-)

I also want to thank everyone that stopped by today. It was quite a busy stream, with some new faces and well known friends stopping. I really enjoyed it. Thank you all very, very, much!

Thank you man! It's always nice to stop by your stream for some fun times!

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