The Steeming Pile: G0nr0gue Edition v1.1

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An Open Space project for the @Steemit & @DLive Community. We set up the theme and create the agenda live on air. We are just getting started so feel free to jump on the pile.

Starts @ 7:30pm MST
Join via:
Video: Zoom Meeting Meeting no: 468186430
Voice: Dial US: +16465588656 Meeting no: 468186430#
Chat: Discord

This weeks simulcasters:

Graphic Facilitation Services:

Who knows???

Want to simulcast with us? Join our channel on the DLive24hour Discord --> #thesteemingpile

My live stream is at DLive

@Dlive is my new home

Drop by and chat with me via DLive24hour Discord voice channel

DLive24Hour and other DLive communities!

Don't be shy & get involved with other DLive communities...

@DLive24Hour - Posts weekly schedules for DLive broadcasts in the realms of; Music, Art, Travel, Gaming, music, and tons more!
Hop into their Discord here

@Dunite - Streaming collaborators who help each other and really anyone new to the @DLive platform. They're also the creators of some wicked streaming tools.
Check out their Discord here

@DLiveRewards - DLive community for content creators. Contests, outreach revolving around @DLive and it's users base.
Scope out their Discord here

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Another great stream guys!!! I'll be here when u guys get back on Tuesday!! One of these days i'm gonna jump on the mic and yinz will regret getting me started@@


Thanks @Daveyz! We always appreciate you're presence sir :)

I really hope you jump on the pile some day. I'd love to hear you rant!!