How to remove DLive from your Authorized Apps

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Since DLive will no longer be using the Steem blockchain for their endeavors (sayonara), I highly recommend all Steemians remove them from one's Authorized Apps. This only goes to those that logged into DLive at one point or another with their Steem account.

You can revoke DLive's permission by going here:
Steem Connect is a free utility provided by

  1. Login with your private POSTING Key

  2. Click on Authorized Apps

  3. Click Revoke for

  4. Press Continue to Revoke

  5. Authenticate again, but now with your private ACTIVE key this time

Congratulations! You're done.

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Thank you. :)

It's a good opportunity to clean up other dapps that you may not be actively using at the same time, as well.

You can also use this link below just change the username for the name of the account you want to revoke.

For dlive:

Thanks Kubby! 👌 #goodnightdlive

Thank you!

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I heard there is a service ticket process to stop them from porting your existing content over to lino. I'd hate to lose the material since that's the only place the streamed content exists but I don't have interest in giving them anything considering how underhanded this move feels... maybe that's reactionary because i'm totally uneducated on what all of it really means... but you know how I feel about yt, for crying out loud. This smacks of that kind of lead-by-the-nose technique and if this is how they're starting out, I don't want to know how it ends! What kills me is that here it is, Thursday and we have until Monday to learn everything there is to know about the huge list of investors, the owners and the lino blockchain itself. That's seriously messed up!

As I learn more, I may end up eating some crow for this comment. I'll torch that bridge when I come to it. If anyone has any feedback for me, I'm open to hearing about it.

I don't know if you've seen this or not, but they're answering questions here:
Ask me anything about DLive migration!. Might be something you want to get answers for?

I was actually thinking about my content too. My dlive content. I did that for and on dlive, on Steem blockchain. I'm not sure I want them to keep my content... Sure, I might be okay with it, if they give me an offer I can't refuse. ;)

yeah but I had a problem logging in... and I'm in the steempeak discord server listening in on the group call right now


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Screen Shot 20180920 at 9.59.06 PM.png



So Dead!

Thank you, It's done after several tries!

Such a bummer. I was just starting to use them.

thanks, was thinking about how to do it

Revoked. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks so much for posting this!

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Thank you. #fuckdlive.

Oh btw. I asked you about one week ago when you were about to publish something new. It's sad that it had to be this, but it's my birthday so I still consider it to be a gift. :P

Steem existed before dlive and it'll continue to exist after dlive.

Happy birthday btw! :)

Haha thanks, and yeah, it will. It's just sad to see because they did this like a bunch of twats.

Steem lives on, Amen to that!

Happy birthday!!

Thank you! :)

Happy birthday friends from afar, may all your good heart desires be granted.

Happy Birthday!

Nah.. some other startups are going to fill in the vaccum real quicl. In fact i heard Vimm is a good candidate


Fucking Judas... lol

ডি লাইভ হুট করে এমন সিদ্ধান্ত নিলো কেন?

Excellent! Thanks so much for the info - I managed to follow the instructions with ease (even on just one cup of coffee...LOL!). Extra thanks to @thekittygirl for pointing me & other #steemitbloggers in this direction. 😊


Great post sir
Shared on twitter dear.

and Done. Byebye.

So, what's the plan going forward?

People seem to be migrating over to

Yeah, I just planted them a 1k delegation to help with what I can, and in the mean time using dtube to upload video archives. Gonna be streaming there in a bit once I get fully settled from my vacation. Looking forward to it.

Done... thanks

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Nothing is worth the power of information. Thanks full time geek.
When is your campaign going to start for witness, LMAO.
I am sure goan vote you over and over again...
Well done

Say what! I’m so glad I’m founder of #OneLoveDTube and not DLive 😅

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Indeed! XD
Now I'm a little more happy I got into a fight with them 5-6 weeks ago.
Even tho I did uploaded some vis last week out of forgivenes, this might be a good time to stop that since Dtube upvote a post after almost 1 mont of ingore Me :D

Yea buddy maybe we can get @ned to put his delegations from DLive into DTube to help with the flood of content that moves back over!

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Tha's actually a terrific idea!
Gonna sugest it in tomorrow special video.

Perfect I will definitely make sure to check that one out!

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Unfortunate news but thanks for the heads up and demonstrating yet again why you will make a great witness for this platform! Thanks!

Thank you for this, I probably would not have thought to revoke my permissions without this post.

Someone needs to make a good video hosting dapp. I chose dlive over dtube because dtube deletes videos from their server, and dlive said they don't. I guess I just gotta embed my YouTube videos on Steem for now on.

Okay, stupid question time: why log in with posting in order to revoke and then log in again with active?

Busy doesn't allow you to login with your active key only posting. If you want to bypass this extra step, this direct link to revoke dlive is probably what you want:

Thank you @kubbyelizabeth for sharing the link.

Oh, I missed that - I've never used busy. Got it, thanks.

Good tip! When is your witness up and running?

I'm still working on syncing my seed server ... it's been a slow start the past couple of days. At first, I tried compiling Steemd myself which seems to be a big no-no. I'll stick to Steem in a box for now until I figure out the guts of it. And then after it was installed I noticed that I underestimated the amount of resources it requires. It's been quite the learning experience for me.

Give me a shout on or discord (therealwolf#8970) and I'll be happy to help. I know how difficult building Steem in the beginning is, even steem-in-a-box, but it's just a matter of experience with it. So if you want some help, let me know :)

About time :)

Great advice! Thanks @fulltimegeek.

SEE YA!!! And here I was enjoying being able to upload straight from my iPhone without having to hook up to my PC or changing the format. Oh well
Time for to step up and take the crown of the Steem Blockchain Video app.

intersting stuff they are goners.


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Thanks for sharing this info. I hadn't even given any thought to what the repercussion of them moving away from Steem might be for me.

Some one should boost this post into trending right beside Kent’s!

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If I had the Steem kicking around I would do it myself 😉

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Is there a story behind this? I'd like to know why they chose to change blockchains.

Can someone explain this to me? I’m so confused by all this. Why is Dlive leaving? Is this a real betrayal to the community? I just don’t know what to make of all this. Ugh what a bummer 😢

One word, Greed!

Uhm @stackin, perhaps not so so. Maybe a bunch of sensible 'Naked Truths' variables are playing a big role here too.
You prolly might want read a few of them on their post: Why is DLive migrating? before making judgments so hastily. };)

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Don’t believe what you read, ever. Hmmm, they already had this set up many months ago and own parts of limo.

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it's Simple @wa7 is part of LINO crypto and thay are unhappy that they didn't got as many cash as they wanted. Also they have thougts about lasy steemit problems few days ago, where steemit was bot working and DLive worked fine but you was unable to upvote etc. But... HF20 is for deleting problems like that and they choose to be fine with yourselfs not with US.

Great Idea, Dlive pissed me off today!

Thanks for educating us

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Fulltime for Witness.

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Thanks Kubby, I was wondering how to do that 👍

Thank you for the heads up my friend !

Successfully done goodbye DLIVE


Thanks @fulltimegeek. I heard about this earlier and wasn't sure what to do so this is a good idea. Thanks for posting this as it is much appreciated.

Thanks my friend.

I didn't know they were jumping ship. I was actually just thinking about using them to post a video. Looks like that's not going to happen. I guess we still have Dtube. I haven't authorized Dlive, but thanks for the reminder on how to check which apps are authorized. I hadn't done it in a while and it was good to double-check.

Thanks for that short tutorial... They betrayed Us.
For my content is tragedy.

THANK YOU for this reminder!


you are so right on this FTG!! Someone had to say it and thank you for giving me the quick how to ... on my way ....

So it looks like Vimm will pick up on Steem where Dlive kicked off.....

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Holy crap. Thanks for the heads up. Unbelievable. I guess we won't be getting our airdrop now either.

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Done and resteemed. I am going to help my 700+ native community members to do it via @SteemitBD

Thank you for the reminder and the how to.

Thank you for posting this, very useful to all.

Thanks lord GeekScreenshot_20180921-094119.png


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Done, thank you kindly.

i have done this now thanks. upvoted and resteemed

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Thanks for tutorial

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That kind of sucks if they are planning to leave....oh well
Later edit: they are more controversial than I first thought so... meh, better off without them

Thanks for the info. Following you and upvoted ! We are in contact.

Hi DTube.
Oh and what about

thanks for reminding me to do that! The Dlive hate is going full swing now and i say it's justified.

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Thank you @fulltimeheek. Thanks for the Resteem @jlsplatts.

Hey Dlive: “peace out!”

All done! Thank you! Good bye @dlive!!!

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Am I the only one who thinks this might be a good thing? Two video platforms on the Steem platform was - for me - a little much. I was always unsure if I should upload to one or the other or both. I like the idea of more decentralization of video platforms. May the best platform win. At the moment it just feels like less clutter on Steem.

Thanks for your clear instraction. By your instraction i revock dlive app just now.

Thanks for the heads up!

Revoked. Thanks for the link; that would have been my next step. Saved me the trouble of searching for a how-to revoke post.

great share, thanks.

by the way, when will your witness server be up and running?

Revoking ASAP!

Not everyone could last the Roller Coaster Ride anyways🙄

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I care about my videos reaching my audience.
What they did is pretty fucked up. I feel like I've been lie to.
My only "problem" with DTube is that I don't have 2nd PC that could be my IPFS server where I could keep my videos posted on DTube cause I.... Cant afford it...

Thanks for this, probably wouldn't remembered to do this. Steemon!

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thanks for this @fulltimegeek

Wow so what will dlive be using then??

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Something with no community or track record. Barely exists on a testnet called "lino"

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Ah I see now, on the plus side I’ve never really used dlive because I didn’t want to make extra content, now it’s not going to be on the steem blockchain I can post the same video to both and earn twice right ?? 😂🤣

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No, lino is all about points and getting tips and donations from viewers. Sort of like the YouTube model minus all of the requirements...

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I only just got my steemit account the other week. Was really excited about getting started livestreaming on Dlive but have read a lot about their behaviour these last few days and been really disappointed. Have followed the advice in this post and revoked their permissions.

Cheers for the post @fulltimegeek hopefully these fuckers will be getting a harsh lesson in karmic law as more steemians drop D live.

I've seen some people saying you can livestream on Dtube, is that right?

Thanks for the info @fulltimegeek!

Thank you for the tip @fulltimegeek. I'm going to head over there now and do just that :)