Fugue State Audio - Monday Night Noise Session 001

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Note: upload issues make this more of a "Tuesday Morning Noise Session", oh well.

First of hopefully many weekly noise sessions for DLive, recorded "live", no editing (I lack the bandwidth to do a proper live stream). Audio is a mix of hardware and software. Video is an OBS screen capture of the program I was using to generate/process the sound (Plogue's Bidule), run through AcidCam (https://github.com/lostjared/Acid.Cam.v2.Qt/releases). I will be trying out different stuff in the future, the plan is to do each one a little differently. Some might even approach actual music, but not this time. :)

Further details

Audio gear/software used:

Kurzweil K2000S
DIY modular (Lunetta-style CMOS and analog stuff)
Korg KP-1 Kaoss Pad
Behringer Virtualizer Pro & Composer Pro
Yamaha EMP700
Alesis Midiverb & NanoCompressor
ADA S-1000 delay
Tapco 12 channel mixer

Plogue Bidule (VST host/DAW) with following plugins:
Cockos ReaEQ, ReaComp
Valhalla FreqEcho
grainbot (custom granular noisemaker)
Voxengo Boogex, SPAN
Fuzzpilz Charsiesis

Video was captured with OBS, processed with AcidCam (link above), and edited (titles added) in Kdenlive (https://kdenlive.org/en/)

My video is at DLive


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