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RE: Let's Create a Brand Together for The New DLive

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I say a very big thank you to the Dlive team for the oppotrunity given to the steemit community in this logo design contest,
following the rules stated in the blog about three major components to be included in the logo: the ninja, Dlive, and the color yellow below are my other definition to the logo I created for the Dlive brand.
The colors means

  1. white has so many meanings but here it means perfection
  2. purple means royalty
  3. yellow means sunshine i.e Dlive shining forth
  4. The two blue colors means the color of the steem blockchain on which Dlive is built
    5 we can see the ninja shape of hair and face in another logo
  5. we can see the mask the ninja is putting on
  6. we have the crest meaning noblilty
  7. we aslo can see the ninja swords above the crest
  8. the pause and play button
  9. The ninja knife

Logo 1


*Logo 2
2 png.png

Logo 3


I love the last design, it will be cool on shirt

Wish you all the best, you have a nice design.

Cool designs here

I love the shape in the design here its matching the concept of the ninja

I wish you win this buddy

The second design looks awesome ... I love it

Dlive should pick logo 3

Another master piece of a design is here ... I give the to you dear

This designs are so cool in night modes ... Anybody seeing this too?

Nice concepts , would love the first design though

Dlive will wear a new logo with any of this. Go go go

What a amazing design. I wish dlive should check this and pick anyone of them

The designs here are so wonderful, dlive pls choose one here

These are wao! I love what im seeing here

Impressive designs here, i love logo 3

What a cool logos, i prefer logo 3

Logo3 is ok for me. I wish dlive should pick logo3. I love it so much

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