Vlog 334: Weiss Rating Report = Top-rated crypto currencies DEEPLY undervalued! + Join the Steemify Android Beta.

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Steemify Android Beta

@blockbrothers is looking for Beta testers for Steemify Android.

You can apply here.

Or you can send an email to steemify@blockbrothers.io using your Google account's e-mail address and we will add you to the list of Beta testers.

Screenshots from the iOS version that you can already download from the Appstore.

Weiss Rating Report

According to Weiss Top-Rated crypto currencies are deeply undervalued.

The fundamentals have been largely stable and the technology has continued to advance.

They further write that a sober environment like this one will foster landmark development and advancement in technology.

Lot's of crypto's have lost there B rating though. Mainly due to price decline (it's in their model).

STEEM included.

B's this week:

Cardano, Decred, Eos, ETH, NEO, Ripple and Stellar.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

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We are the creators of Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

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My video is at DLive

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Thanx for info

Can you add some source links to the Weiss rating Reports.
would be great to read the whole artcile.


I can't. I paid for the report so I can talk about it.

Finally some volume coming in at the moment. I love Steem and XRP. Daily awesome news, it's great to follow.

I can't wait to be added to the list brother, I always respect your view and concept, be expecting my email soon.


It's an awesome app! I've been using it for months now on iPhone. Told my girlfriend about the Android version today and she sent them an email to beta test it. She super happy about it!


really, I can't wait to have it on my Android phone sir.

Have any of these people who've already commented even watched your video @exyle? Grrrrrr.

Seems like dinner didn't do too much for my grouchiness. Now I must need breakfast! 😂

I'm getting a "post not found" message when I click on the link. 😢


Thanks Gillian. It's fixed!

I have an important question @exyle because a lot of people asking me also and I can't explain properly. Here is the question.

How is the www.steemit.com earn? Just like the Facebook, they earn by the advertisement. How about the STEEMIT website?

Please explain so that other people know especially the businessman who wants to invest into STEEMIT.


I would recommend that you show him the Steem whitepaper and SMT whitepaper.

You don't invest in steemit.com. You invest in Steem (the blockchain).

Steemit.com does not earn anything. It just is the first app build on top of the Steem blockchain.


Thanks for the explanation...

Great video yet again.The blue tinge on your glasses looks cool, I think it blocks the UV light. Thank you for sharing the Weiss report, hopefully this this the bottom of the dip and we will start going up soon and steem ranking will follow suit. Also am excited for the android version of the steemify app and I did send an email to be a beta tester. BTW all the best to Bianca for her exams, am sure she will ace them like she did before :)


Thank you!

Please wish Bianca the best of luck with her second round of tests @exyle.

With so much talk about the price of Steem going down to below $1 my brain has become strangely fixated to the downward race. Cheering it on to go lower. 😂

Easy for me as I don't have much invested at this point.

Someone was wondering on another post whether they would be able to buy dolphin status soon, all a game I know, but it got me wondering too. 😂

This looks really exciting. If I am not too late I am going to sign up for the beta test. Thanks for sharing the info! Hopefully the cryptos will turn around and start rising again soon! Always a pleasure to view your posts!

I agree with you, they contradicted themselves...
I think they probably tried to express that it is not worth to buy STEEM if you can buy coins like BTC and XRP so undervalued. They are probably afraid of STEEM dropping below $1 and potentially lose a lot of value, that´s why they need STEEM to be at $2+ to be classified with a B.

DEEPLY undervalued is what we like to hear, especially if we still have some money in the bank ready to spend in crypto.

I've always been a bit sceptical about these rating agencies. I'm with you. Surely you should look at the wider picture and not just the latest dip? Steemit is being used by thousands of people every second, it's undergoing enormous development and its currency is constantly being exchanged. The rating just looks at its position in the short-term. If I had the money, I would be buying into Steem now!

I want see how this app go work :))

That's a nice app. Thank you for this great work and keep it up 👆

They are definately right most crypto currencies are truly undervalue in terms of their present price which makes it a good opportunity for an investor to buy and hodl for the long term. I will register in your Steemify Android Beta tester in other to test and review the app for your guys

@exyle Your video is really informative i like it.Please give a up vote

I always respect your view and concept

Mark @exyle with @jerrybanfield leaving it looks like we may get some STEEM for really close to a $1.00. I am OK with Buying into weakness and selling into strength............

Right now in crypto market one is top player all the coin below there 3-2 times of there original value. Hold is become a myth now days.

amazing video sir
just continue.

Great updates to discover and cool to know about the beta testing of steemify

Hi exyle. First time I have seen you on DLive. Very good piece. Agree with Weiss saying the cryptos are undervalued. Doesn't make sense dropping from a B to a C because of price drop. Nothing has changed with the actual coins except price. Will be interesting to see if the grading changes when price rises.

It’s riddled with misinformation. Had net zo goed door de portier van de telegraaf geschreven kunnen zijn.