Steemify Android - call for Beta testers!

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Steemify Android - call for Beta testers!

After months of development, we are proud to announce the first Beta version of Steemify for Android devices!

If you'd like to help us test it, please apply for the Beta program by sending an e-mail to using your Google account's e-mail address.

We'll send you a link you can use to download the App.

What is Steemify?

This app will inform you about ANYTHING happening on your STEEM account(s) or the accounts of others.

Screenshots from the iOS version

Votes, new posts, mentions, replies, new followers, power downs and more! All pushed to your phone with ease and stored in a convenient list for later review.

You can add as many Steemians as you like!

The app will only require a Steemians Username. No keys.

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers
you can also choose to set blockbrothers as your proxy at the bottom of the page (fill in blockbrothers in the field)
or use either of the below links to do so automatically using steemconnect.

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain
Get it Here:

Get in touch: |

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You Made alot off steemians happy tonight CONGRATS 👍


Thank you!

Yay. Steemify Android has made it to beta. Well done. Won't be long now! 😁

Aaaar! Will send the email in mere moments!!

Yes please! Been waiting for this :D

i have sent email to apply as beta tester....@blockbrothers

Wow, this is cool, I have been waiting for the android version, I will like to help in testing the app.
Am sending my mail write away.

Woohoo! I will email you to give it a try.

That looks like a pretty good app. I like all the features listed here in the post

Cool - will have to check this out.

Looking forward to testing this out. 👍


You know what to do...just send an e-mail👍


Already done mate. 😎

Congratulations @blockbrothers, I did send you an email and will be looking forward to try it. Wishing you the very best and lots of success with the android version of the APP :)


Thanks, man!

It’s really good I love it and I made a post on it