Muzzy - New Age Steemified by @elgeko

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Saw this great video clip a while ago. It immediately clicked in my brain and I just had to do this. So I opened up Cinema4d and loaded the 3d Steem logo I made some months ago. Using the originalclip as relfection map it integrated very well into the hijacked music clip. With a little twitching in aftereefects it came out quite well.
I am happy now with the results and I will make some short versions usefull to promote STEEM SMT Smart media token for the Steem offensive March 2019. exclusive on Dlive @dlive

My video is at DLive

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FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· me sir ialso help you

Nice one @elgeko! Good to know you're still at it. This is smashing. Think I chipped a bit of cement off the wall!


The 3d Steem logo I made a months back. Utilizing the originalclip as relfection outline incorporated extremely well into the commandeered music cut. With a bit of jerking in aftereefects it turned out great.


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Promoting SMT tokens good idea let me know if I can participate and help in this project

Great work man you deserve upvote :)

Congratulations @elgeko!
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Great Job