DLiveStar | Announcement for Period #13

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We are back with the 13th edition of the DLive Star Campaign!

If you are new to DLive, this is a campaign that runs bi-weekly and at the end, 3 DLive Stars are chosen. The DLive Star is not handed out to just anyone. We are looking for members of the Community that go above and beyond, to produce high quality content, engage with their viewers and promote themselves along with DLive.

A huge focus for DLive right now, is raising awareness about our platform. A lot of live streamers and video creators don't know that there are alternatives to the bigger platforms. When participating in this campaign make sure to tag @OfficialDLive on Twitter or Instagram when you make your posts about going live, or your latest video upload. Don't forget to use #dlivestar on Social Media as well.

Check out the winners of DLive Stars Period #12 by clicking here, or the image below.


Information & Rules

Do you have what it takes to be the next DLive Star? It's easy to participate, all you have to do is use the tag dlivestar, in your live streams and videos.

The 13th edition of DLive Star will run from September 4th to September 16th, 2018. The winners will be announced shortly after.


  • Must use the tag dlivestar



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Good luck everyone! Don't forget to tag us on social media at @OfficialDLive!

Just finished making live video. 😊
A tattoo session.

Hey @phoenixwren, this would be really awesome to see you participating in, especially with your yarden and rock painting projects!

I will try to be in live using dlive and of course the dlivestar tag. Hope it will help me.

I will do my best! :D

Goodluck to the future dlivestars and hope that I would be the one soon! Lol! 😁😎🤘

Good luck everyone! Let's promote our community and make our family bigger! <3

Good luck dlivers !

One of these days, that's gonna be me. Just you wait!

I want be a winner in this time,,, lol...
Good luck every one

Love you Dlive ♥♥ Good luck everyone!!!!

Excellent!!! Good luck!!!

Good luck to everyone!

Shine bright everyone!

Good luck everyone!

Good luck everyone!

Great news! I can't wait to meet shining Dlive Stars, which make cool content for the viewers! Good Luck to everyone, who make this platform better #DliveStars ★★★

Good luck everyone, you'll need it ;-)
Thanks in advance @dlive

@dlive Team, greetings for the day. Actually today I've uploaded two videos and in both of the videos I've getting same error as The video is still processing, please come later. Just concerned because never faced this kind of error.


Kindly let me know if anything is wrong. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

maybe one day i can see my name in this great list ;)

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