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DLive Star is a fortnightly campaign where users are featured in the spotlight and titled with the renowned status of DLive Star. The winners are rewarded with a 60% upvote but this isn't handed out to just anyone, becoming a DLive Star takes effort and commitment, these users of the community do everything they can to produce high quality content, engage with their audience and bring awareness to DLive through social media.


If you read the announcement for period #12 you would have seen that a huge focus for us right now is expanding DLive's footprint on social media. We were looking to the Community of DLive to help us with this task. The 3 DLive Stars chosen for this period have all done an exceptional job in going out of their way to promote DLive on multiple social media platforms. We would like to congratulate all 3 of these winners for their hard work and dedication.


Milo is a live streamer and video creator. Recently she has been doing yoga vlog's that we suggest everyone check out, especially the routine to relax your back and neck. She also does an awesome job engaging with members of the DLive Community on Discord and Fanbase. She's always friendly and is looking to help people live happier, healthier lives.


If you have ever checked out any of Mari's live streams you would know that she does a great job engaging with her viewers. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her stream and it shows. She also does a great job on social media, before her live streams she will always post an Instagram story to let everyone know she will be going live.


Tsukuyomi is a variety streamer who specializes in retro games. While new to streaming, you'd never know, she provides constant interaction with her viewers, and her upbeat personality make her streams great! Tsukuyomi is always looking for feedback to improve the quality and content of her streams. She interacts with the DLive Community daily and can be seen frequently in our IG stories promoting DLive to all.

Watch out for the announcement post for DLive Star period #13. We hope that everyone will continue to engage the community through Discord and Fanbase but at the same time help us spread awareness through social media.


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Congrats @milo.mar, @mariandreapf and @tsukuyomi on being DLive Stars! Make sure to message me on Discord so we can arrange your reward!

Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!! <3

Thank you so much!!! <3

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you jimmy!!

Thank you so much <3

Thanks Red!!!

Thank you Redje~!

Congrats @milo.mar, @mariandreapf, and @tsukuyomi! Well deserved =P

Thank you so much Johnny :DD

Thanks Johnny!!

Johnny you got me here :D Thank you~


Congratulations to all of you! @milo.mar, @mariandreapf, and @tsukuyomi
So well deserved - keep shining!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much Vectorabbot! ♥

Thank you Vector~

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you so much!


Congratulations new Dlivestars !

stardlivesmall3.gif@mariandreapf @tsukuyomi & @milo.mar!stardlivesmall3.gif

Thank youuuu

This is super cute! thank you

Congrats to all the @dlive star winners , well done!😀💕💕💕👌👏✌😍

Thank you so much, this is so cute!

Glad you liked my Gold star, and thanks as well for the upvote👍😊💕

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