is there a reason for you to believe LINO will not face the same challenges ?

Well Dlive team seemed to be "blacklisting" people from their votes for very weak reasons.

What is this if not corruption?

I support @dlive because they go in search of transparency, ethics and honesty and a real decentralization, instead steemit is full of corrupt whales that are filled with money just thinking about them

Yes and I support president Trump because he's so good to the minorities.

There is no transparency, ethics and honesty with DLive. They have never aimed for decentralization, as it has always been a centralized service and they never aim for anything else.

They are corrupt and will be nothing else on whichever chain they go to. Good luck in supporting Dlive.

I wonder what Silvia Gomez has to say about you using her identity.

Hey @steemcleaners :-), what are you doing this lovely Sunday?

I never said I'm Silvia Gomez, use your photos to write aesthetics content on my blog, plus Instagram is for everyone and free of authorship if you do not know what is copyright, this is my video I'm Diana Cortez

Here you go if you want to know more about Copyright. At least you changed your profile picture already. Good job.

"Las fotos adjuntadas son originales tomadas con mi cámara canon."

"The added photo's are originals and made with my Canon camera."

Care to explain this?

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