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RE: My Life In 8 Songs - Thursday 21 June 2018 - @kryptoe, @ivan.atman & @onemedia [recording]

in #dlive2 years ago

Thank you so much @pennsif Pennsif, Thank you so much Deon @kryptoe it was really a pleasure! <3 , it was really great finally I could hear the radio, sorry I know I missed must of the artists from past till now, glad to hear all the great works by other artists too,@ivan.atman (waiting to hear our collab man :D ) , @onemedia thank you for kind words man, Thanks @breezin !! you are always kind!! :D , Thanks @D-Vine !! <3 , and thanks everyone for listening and all the kind words!


Happy to have had the pleasure to find out more about you, @kryptoe & my dear friend @onemedia & get to listen to your songs!

Huggins <3

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