The Sweetest Story from the Steem Creators Conference

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Hi Friends!

I have a lot of stories coming out of the Steem Creators conference in Toronto (from singing karaoke until 4 am, or being a backup dancer at one of @jaybird's gigs, to performing a song with the @steembirds) , but one story that really stuck out to me was meeting this little girl at the Blue Jays game.

She was SO excited for her dad to take her to the baseball game for Star Wars night because she is a huge Rey fan. She was devastated and kind of embarrassed though when she got to the game and didn't see a single other person in costume. She was crying at how much she wanted to go home while her dad was trying to console her.

My sister @maryjaney and I literally showed up in FULL costume (chewie and Rey) and when this little girl saw us.... she lit up and started crying tears of joy. She realized that she wasn't "wierd" for dressing up and meeting another Rey made her day. We didn't have the heart to tell her that we were actually weird....but you get the picture.

When she saw me walking up - she gave me the biggest grin and biggest smile and her dad thanked us for stopping by and taking pictures with her. This little girl walked away with so much confidence in her awesome Rey outfit.

I go into a little more detail in the video - but I just thought this story was too sweet not to share! You never know how being weird and doing something a little unexpected can impact someone else. <3


Look at that smile!

Xo, Lea


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reetings, beautiful coruscate

I saw your video earlier today about your conference at steem creators and I found it really cool. You are very nice and very articulate.

The staff knew how to select well.

Thank you and good night!!!!!

good to see you again.. sorry we didn't get to kick it, seems like the week went by too fast! im sure we'll brush shoulders again sooner than later ... remain above Love!


I know right?? I can hardly believe how fast the week went!

You guys were absolutely brilliant on stage. It was amazing to be in the room with such intense, creative energy. So cool to see you in your element bringing your art to the word. Your whole crew was incredible. Blew me away.

Great story... always fun to brighten a child’s day!

awww.. that is so cool that you were able to make that little girl feel so much better about herself. Must have made your day.

That was a cool story. Appreciate you sharing. Bummed I didn’t get to attend the game with you guys.

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You would have loved it! Hope you are doing okay my friend. ♥️

the steemforce is strong in @coruscate

coruscate steemforce.JPG

That is SO awesome!! I, too, was, um- no, am a weird one. I just love this so, so , SO much!