PathofExile Stream | HC Challenge #9 | New Character [RIP 1st :'( ]

in dlive •  last year  (edited)


As we were farming with out 2nd place, level 76), character last night, the game froze near a Exile, and when it started working again, we were already dead. :'( (Highlights of it is in the editing process)
No worries, as my second character seems to be much stronger and safer.

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Congratulation :)

The shirt is looking sweet!

well i thought it just a fun little thing to throw in

Congrats @cipriang

the logo should be mov :)

so now ciprian you have 2 romanians watching you :P make us proud !

Noice Freezing Pulse! Will you use the threshold gem (First Snow) with it? :)

nice hair :D @cipriang


very good @cipriang

congrats bro .. .you totally deserve this huge upvote from @dlive, you are truely a fucking star ;)

wow.. :D

congratulations cipriang. You are the best..

good @cipriang

Sir @cipriang ! You are sharing very informative blog... thanks

lookin good cipriang :p

meh it was easy :))

Let's get that level 83! Get to that first place in the PoE Hardcore challenge by @MattClarke and @Ratticus!

Niceee so good

Bring the weed Bring the weed :))

That is related with DLiveLabs.

let's not forget you are "living in amsterdam" :))

because otherwise you could be isn't legal... so is nice that you are "living" in amsterdam

so police if you are watching this ciprian is going to smoke the weed in "amsterdam" :P

Klaus and no isn't the Santa :))

we have the same schedule :))

is called "steem adicted" :))

no i don't play path of exile and we can talk on discord you can find it on the bottom of my posts :)

meh Brasov


Good night.. I am new member in steemit, please follback ang upvote my post

Good night.. I am new member in steemit, please follback and upvote my post

ciprian usually those are bots :)) like irmasurian95

Hey what's up!

good, thanks for asking. :)

haha no worries. I have played it. Never got very far, but it was fun! My friends just stopped playing it and I don't typically like to play games by myself.

Nowadays, I'm usually playing Rainbow Six Siege, and War Thunder - but i've been thinking of picking Path of Exile back up.

Yeah I stream each day on here. I came over from YouTube, and am trying to convince my followers there to move over here as well. Playing together would be fun! I'll download the game again, and I joined the discord. :)

yeah - captain sauce tray. :)

Sostre is my actual last name. Capn is a nickname I got in highschool

hey romanian :)

The shirt is looking nice👌👌👌

I'm pretty sure that if I tried this hardcore challenge I'd be in last place. Last time I played Hardcore I died in the starting area. haha

Do you know how many are entered? How

ah cool.

I just checked - yeah you're probably in third.

I saw that he does one each league - I might try for the next challenge then. It seems really fun.

Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

yeah, They'll go away with time I think

yeah - that's pretty epic. Congrats to you, :)

definitely eat something man. haha.

hmmm interesting




haha no worries. :) good luck on the new build. Hopefully you can level fast!

gtg cya later man! Good luck with this if you decide to continue or have fun with hearthstone. :)

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Stop listening to retarded music bro

Lacrimucce? what the fuck is that man ? go listen to some smoke some weed or low rider

Me too...

wow great stream man! keep it up! very good!! UPVOTED, check my stream thx :D

One little detail boy, the camera should be in front of you if you would like you T-shirt to be seen

No more translations for now, 2 3 4 weeks maybe

Utopian working on a way to limit abusers using google translate and spamming on project owners in order to get proofread

So for now they don't accept translations

no they won't accept google translations, but people just do the translations before knowing if those would be accepted or not

And that was kind of a problem for the project owners, plus a lot of people begging for proofreading without never translate a word before

It mostly makes sense when people do that on companies like microsoft

They are working on an automatic way of checking with the owners of the site where the translations are made

What if you receive 1000 messages like, please sir me love to translate english to me native language, me very good at it, please need proofreader?...

But the biggest problem is that, even if they don't accept them as proofreader, when somebody translate a word, that word isn't translatable anymore if some of the proofreaders don't delete the wrong translation

In order to get proofreader you should first translate so they see that you can actually translate, but when so many people want proofreader, they translate in a wrong way most of the project

On many projects you don't need to be accepted so you can translate, and that was not a problem, because people that are not able to translate wouldn't even try. But after people started to get paid for those translation a lor more people got interested in translating, manyof them just in order to get some money

A lot of project Owners didn't like that thing and write to the platform, so now they are working on a way to control that, but it could take some weeks

They already know how to do that from what I've heard around. Now it will take some time to implement it

Will see, maybe also some posts

Jumping in some Hearthstone stream as I'm a little bit tired of Path of Exile for now. Let's do some Wild Arena!

wow great long stream! keep it up!! Check my stream too pls and thx :D

haha thanks. It's certainly unique - If I ever meet someone who also has the last name I know they are related, so that's cool