Daily- Crypto is UP.. but is it a TRAP?!

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Crypto markets have been rallying over the past 2 days on news that Coinbase custody is accepting institutional investors - is this a change in the tide or a bull trap?
1:15 Market Recap
3:38 Coinbase Custody
4:45 Crazy Ethereum Gas Prices
7:36 Miners Flooded.. Literally



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Hey really enjoy your analysis. So do you think that every time there’s a new cool app that the Ethereum network is going to get bogged down?
Do you think that Cardano, Tron, or EOS may be able to get an advantage by handling these things better. I’m assuming Cardono is trying to build a great foundation so that they will be more scalable When good apps start getting popular. Crypto kitties and Fcoin airdrops are just the beginning.

Not a trap. Bitcoin will go up to around $8000 and go back down to $7000. No bull run yet though.

If Bitcoin breaks $9k probably the sign of a ramp up to another one of those mythical winter bull runs.

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His most important point is the last sentence imo. Figure out what your strategy is. If you intend on trading, he gives great advice. But the single most important factor in attempting to trade successfully is knowing your limits, experience and self-control. If you aren't a trader, and youre medium-long term (think 6-48mo) then Dollar Cost Average in and disregard micro price action.

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Thank you, I was wondering why an ERC-20 token I was transfering is in limbo..."F" fcoin! I think they need to take another look at that. Scaling issue, one company with 13% of transaction, wow. Crypto is still a really small market.

The majority of institutional investors looking here are mostly boutique or family office asset managers that have up to $150m given regulations. I don’t think this custodial solution is made for the big institutions. Also, I recall a research paper saying that $25 billion of new capital in 2017 is what drove the 2017 rally. So this influx if capital could potentially put a floor in prices

Did someone say Trap??

The only cure for higher prices is higher prices. Fcoins strategy and others like it where Dapps or exchanges get 'free' advertising won't last long. Soon scalability will be in every system. Lightning networks, sharding, side chains and distributed POS are all examples of how inventive people are working to solve that problem. It's just a process so this won't last long. I won't be signing up for Fcoin however because its superficial value, fadish, and i won't be risking my money with an outfit using that type of strategy.

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