Radnor & Lee on Australian TV

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Over the past week, my band Radnor & Lee went on a busy but productive mission to introduce ourselves to the Australian public. Being Australian, and having my most loyal fans there over the past 26 years of my music career - introducing this new project to Australia was extremely important to me.

It was wonderful to have a few great opportunities media opportunities to share our music, vision and friendship.


My video is at DLive


Awesome!! Say hi to Oz for me :)

Wow..... This is so nice...
Am so happy for you....
Keep the good work on... I also do music and movies....
Nice knowing you.... I believe you'll make a great song [email protected]

I have music group too, we call is PANE BAND, but a local scale and Aceh lenguage...maybe you can teach us how to make a good music...I think your group is very famous.

That's great getting out there in Australia.

That's a cool video, congrats @benleemusic!!

Hey man.

I saw this when it aired. Why didn't you mention steemit?? Hahaha. Jokes.

JOSH didn't want to answer Michael's probing question about an off camera topic... interesting!!

Take care.


That was a sweet interview, @benleemusic.
The Melbourne show was stellar! @marysemciver & I really loved it, mate. I'm still singing a few of the songs in my head, so I think you guys have created something special. It's great to hear in this interview that you're both seeing it as a long-term thing. More to look forward to.
I did a review of the Melbourne show, in fact.

Now where can we get our vinyl copies of the Radnor and Lee debut album? And is there anywhere to buy them with SBD or Steem?

Great show and so good to see you and the band get more exposure :) great stuff ben