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An inventor building the next generation of sex robots with his wife reckons the cyborg lovers could help save marriages - and has improved his own.

Robotics expert Dr Sergi Santos and his partner of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki, are the brains behind ‘Samantha’, an artificial intelligence-driven love doll that he says is capable of enjoying sex.

Sergi, from Rubi, Catalonia in Spain, credits Samantha - who has three different sexual personas, ranging from shy to raging nymphomaniac - with enhancing his sexual endurance.

He also says the love bot improves his marriage by offering a sexual outlet when his wife isn’t in the mood.

Sergi, aged 39, told Barcroft TV: “A man wants to feel in general that the woman is desperate to have sex with him. And if a man feels like the woman will not enjoy (sex) fully,
most men do not like the sex. And this is the cause of many sexual problems.

“Because me and my wife for example, I need sex some times of the day that my wife doesn’t want to, and I said, ‘Look, sex is breaking already many relationships because of lack of synchronism’, and I would not put that pressure to my marriage.

“I’ve had couples coming in and just by the way they look I think, ‘This couple is in trouble’, because one of the two is not having enough sex at the right time. Any of us can have this problem and eventually could divorce.

“So if I have the doll I’ll not divorce because of sex. In my case I think that’s good enough."

An electrical engineer by profession, Sergi says his wife gave him the idea to implant his AI network into a sex doll - and the pair now run their business Synthea Amatus together.

Their range of dolls start at around £2000 with the top of the range AI dolls costing around £5000.

Maritsa told Barcroft TV: “It didn’t start as making a sex robot - it started as creating a brain. As he was working on that, it became obvious we needed some sort of body or object to house this brain.

“Then I discovered that sex dolls exist, and thought, ‘This is absolutely perfect’.

“We started researching it and found out - before anyone was making the robots - that wives were buying them for their husbands because they understand the kind of need that their husbands have, and how this could benefit their relationship.”

Maritsa doesn’t see any problems with Sergi’s intimate relationship with the dolls.

She said: “People tend to ask me questions; ‘Ohh, what did you think when he said he would do this?’ As if they think that I came home from work one day and I found the doll sitting on my sofa. It wasn’t like that at all."

But while Maritsa says she doesn’t see Samantha as competition, Sergi now plans to build a male sex robot and says that he would feel jealous if Maritsa slept with a male doll.

He said: “I think I would feel jealous if she used the male sex robot. If I found that she likes the male doll better than me, in the sense that she doesn’t want to be with me, I’d get divorced.

“I don’t see a problem with that. We are not objects, and nobody belongs to anybody. If everybody in the world divorced and got a sex doll, I wouldn’t mind. I’d say, ‘If they got what they wanted, why not?’"

But Maritsa admits that she would be tempted to try out a male version of their sex robots.

She said: “I do find the idea of making a man robot interesting. I would very much like to make one. If I would personally use it, I don’t know. Probably out of curiosity."

Over time the couple have constant improvements to their sex robots, adding in- built vibrations that make their dolls sensitive and reactive to touch, and believe that they feel ever closer to the real thing.

Maritsa said: “I believe that, penetration wise, it’s almost the same. The only thing is maybe with the heat but you can heat it up."

The couple have found people contacting them about the robots in many different circumstances.

Maritsa said: “With some, for whatever reason, they don’t have a person in their life, and are socially awkward or don’t have a social life.

“There are people with social lives, but who still feel lonely. It’s nice to see that you are helping people in some way who are lonely.

And Maritsa believes that even within an existing loving relationship, introducing a doll can have a positive outcome.

She said: “With couples, I think as long as there is trust in the relationship, and mutual respect, then introducing a doll is something that can help.

“Even if you are compatible on so many other things but maybe not sex, a doll can be a complimentary element, and can be a solution.

“As Samantha is now, there is nothing to be jealous of. Very soon she will evolve.

"I think in the next five years she will be much more evolved than she is now.”

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Sex dolls have come a long way from the blow up style.
To Each their Own

Okay if you and your wife don't have a problem with that why should that be our problem.


The wife is fine with it, so there will be no other problem.
Be happy with your lifestyle, whatever that is.


I love family first values and I eat from gardens.

That reminds me of a movie I saw a couple of years ago.
Cherry 2000 ???????


Reminds of the daughter of Data from Star Trek. Upvoted.


i liked that movie!
but that was a long long time ago...
i wonder if i'd still like it, if i watched it again....


My Wife just said, "if it'll do the dishes", i can have a Cherry 2000

Maybe it's self-immobilization. If there is no relationship in marriage, where there are common interests, then does such a marriage make sense? And to have a toy nearby for sex is perhaps a disrespect to your marriage partner. For some it is acceptable, but not for everyone.


Control freaks try to destroy family values, marriages, as that destroys humanity, the world. I love robots but I also love gardens and oatmeal hehe. Upvoted.


Each of us has the right to his own opinion, then, that is acceptable and commensurate with his personal values and views, to say that it is bad or good is silly

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@barcrofttv but its unnatural dear @sexbot

it's just like an intricate sex toy to share and enhance marital SexXx..


Ask @Stefan.Molyneux about the numbers.

Lol strange

Delete. Error

I love robots and I love eating from my garden.

Interesting post but it would be interesting to make a debate on why he can do it but if she does it may end in divorce?

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Nice article, good analysis of the issue. I think if you are happy with sex robot then it's ok.