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A DOMINATRIX reveals she has two 24/7 live-in ‘slaves’ who wait on her - and her boyfriend - hand and foot.

Dahlia Rain, from New Jersey, shares her home with the men who cook, clean, tidy, buy groceries, and walk the dog in return for ‘rewards’ of the BDSM kind.

The former school teacher was once married but got bored of her vanilla lifestyle.

Dahlia told Barcroft TV: “Everybody comes into fetish at different times of their life. I did the normal housewife thing but there were things that were missing. I wanted some more excitement and they were things [my ex husband] didn’t want."

After divorcing from her husband, Dahlia started to dip her toes into the fetish scene.

She said: “I started meeting more kinky people and going to fetish parties and then it just became part of my life”

It was here that she met her ‘slaves’ - another name given to submissive partners in BDSM relationships - and her boyfriend John, who they also cater to when he visits.

Dahlia said: “People ask ‘what’s the difference between a sub and a boyfriend?’, and there are big differences. I don’t have sex with my subs, there’s no sexual relationship at all. That’s a fantasy.

“I get a lot of emails and messages from people wanting to be my sex slave, and be tied up in my bedroom 24-hours a day, but that’s not the type of dominance I do.”

The 35-year-old said no money changes hands between herself and her subs Chris and Mike - AKA Fluffy.

“There are lifestyle dominatrixes, and there are professional dominatrixes - I am both,” Dahlia said.

“When people schedule a session, they are giving me money to be in my hands for an hour, whereas lifestyle slaves are just giving themselves into my care permanently. They might pay for things, like my shopping, but they are not paying me.

“Fluffy is not paying per hour for my time. That would be very expensive. He wouldn’t be able to afford life at that point.”

As reward for serving Dahlia, the subs receive BDSM punishments, such as being bound, gagged and whipped.

Dahlia said: “Play is always a reward for them, but they have to earn it - it’s not easy.”

Fluffy, also 35, said: “I do pretty much anything Dahlia asks of me. Even if it’s just a matter of serving her breakfast or giving her a foot rub.

“I like making her happy. It feels good when I see a smile on her face, and she takes care of me.

“She rewards me in a lot of different ways. For example the other night, I wanted to sleep by the foot of her bed, and she said I could, and it was great. I was very happy.”

John Fathom, Dahlia’s boyfriend, said when he first met Dahlia she seemed like a strong character who would allow him to be himself.

“I had run into a lot of girls who were attracted to me because at first I seemed very confident, or arrogant, but over time that would become and issue. They tried to diminish me and make me feel bad about it.

“When I met Dahlia, I was like ‘this girl has been called Goddess all day for six years - that must build your ego up to be really strong and healthy. That person will not be someone trying to chop me down’,” he told Barcroft TV.

The 41-year-old artist and business owner said he discovered Dahlia has slaves the first time he was out with her at a fetish party.

“A slave just walked up and started shouting. I was like 'how dare he just come over to us and start talking? Doesn’t he know his place?' And then shortly after I saw her whip him.

“I thought ‘wow, this girl can really whip, she has the wrist action’. It was fun to watch her work.

“In the summer time we spend a lot of time lounging on the roof and we think ‘this would be so much better if we had Champagne or watermelon’ and I can just call a slave and he’ll bring us the Champagne and watermelon.”

Alongside requests for physical domination, Dahlia receives offers of payment for other types of treatment.

“I’ve had people say ‘I will pay you $5,000 to ruin my life. Please contact my wife and tell her that I am a pervert - this is her phone number’.

“I don’t want to ruin your life! I am not into ruining lives, but you can find someone who will do that.

“I want to make lives better. I want to make you more efficient, happier, fitter - let’s improve your life rather than make you homeless in your car or on the street.”

While Chris lives full-time with Dahlia, Fluffy is a performer in the adult industry and splits his time between Las Vegas and her house in New Jersey.

The pair first met six years ago at a fetish party in New York City, and quickly became friends before entering into a dom/sub relationship.

Dahlia said: “People were taking advantage of him. When you have a submissive personality, people will walk all over you. If you are a sub, you are safer being owned, because then you have guidance, and someone sticking up for you.

“It’s something I plan on doing forever. I’m going to be an old lady with slaves pushing my wheelchair.”

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Is this really happening in real life?

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Thats so fucked up man.People have so weird fetishes damn

Nice post great work brother

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