Come beat some DODO's with me!

in dlive •  4 months ago


We play it all here at GSG! getSMOKEd Gaming! Today I will be embarking on some ARK. Come join me as I beat down dodos, dodge raptors, and play through "human evolution"
Want to join the team? We are looking for more members to join in! We are becoming the largest gaming community in steemit, and are looking to push even further and grow even larger! We game on xbox 1 Currently, but would love to expand into more consoles etc!

Members must have headset and be willing to play new games as they come out. (we are gamers who stream, this is just part of being one! (must play what the people want to see) THIS IS A MUST
Reach out to Myself @bambam808 (on discord and
GetSmokedGaming DISCORD:

My live stream is at DLive

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