The saddest day to be a Mexican fan in Russia

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We knew it was a hard task to beat Brazil.

Not because they were better than us, after all this Brazilian team is not even a shadow of the Brazil in the Ronaldo and Ronaldinho era. In fact, the most dangerous Brazilian player is a joke, and we had already beaten a similar team in the Olympics final match in London.

No, it was a hard task because the Mexican team is one of the best ever, but we are still missing one key feature: Mind.

A cold mind for when the match is hot; a calm mind for when the score is against us; a patient mind for when the clock ticks towards our doom; an aggressive mind for when we need to show our true colors; a decisive and confident mind for when we need to make hard decisions.

To summarize, we have the mind of a loser team. We have the personal minds of loser people.

I don't blame the players nor the fans nor the head coach. I blame the Mexican mentality. As a country we are raised as conformists.

I decided to make this post a few days later from what I was planning to, just to be able to express without anger and to try to be as objective as I could.

The Brazilian team was the better one, but not because they are good but because we aren't.

We have everything to succeed and yet this is the seventh world cup we can't reach the quarter finals stage.

Every world cup we think “this is the one, we could reach quarter or even semi finals” and after the game against Germany and South Korea every Mexican was thinking “yeah, we can win this”.

But the fact is that Mexico can't overcome a negative score just like France did against Argentina; let's not mention what Belgium did against Japan. Overcoming one goal against? Hard for Mexico, but 2 goals? Impossible.

Not because we can't, but because we think we can't. We receive one goal and not only the team, but the fans, the commentators, the analysts and everyone puts their chin down, looks to the ground and thinks “this is it, well, at least we tried”.

We lack the decision, the confidence and the passion that is needed to overcome negative results.

The worse part? I'm like that. After Brazil scored the first goal, I lost all drive to keep recording the game to be able to bring you a full video about Mexico's loss. I just couldn't keep recording, I decided to pay attention to the game and to imagine my national team has the balls to overcome this.

They didn't. They never do. Hence, there's always going to be “a saddest day to be a Mexican fan” every 4 years.


My video is at DLive

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I can understand your frustration, Brazil really was beatable for your country that day.

And what I even can understand more is your negative emotions towards Neymar. He is a great soccer player. But unfortunately, he takes away the joy from watching him by being a little pussy all the time. Just read somewhere that he was lying around on the ground for a total of 14 minutes in this world cup alone. Incredible. Would love the refs to give more fouls/cards against such extreme for such lack of sportsmanship.

But I hope you still had a great time in Russia! And hey, your team has some time till the next real WM in 2026 - and guess where that cup will take place too :P

Es sinceramente una pena que un equipo tan bueno como la selección de México haya quedado fuera, comentarios hay muchos y opiniones dividas al respecto también, sin embargo sea por la causa que fuere, ya no tendremos mas esta talentosa selección jugando con la alegría latinoamericana al balón pie. Esperamos la fanaticada siga en pie para un próximo mundial, y que hayan disfrutado mucho todos los Mexicanos que así como @anomadsoul fueron a Russia a apoyar a su selección.
It is sincerely a pity that a team as good as Mexico's team has been left out, there are many comments and divided opinions on the matter too, however for whatever reason, we will no longer have this talented team playing with Latin American joy on the ball. We hope that the fans will still be there for the next World Cup, and that all the Mexicans who, like @anomadsoul, went to Russia to support their team enjoyed it very much.

I think Mexico really tried and like you said, they lacked the motivation they could gather. The coach should have kept someone on willain permanently,not because he's that good but to try stop his pace. Look at the second goal... It was all Willian and somehow first too.

But what can we say?? Mexico were even better than my own country Nigeria. Although I wasn't supporting them from the onset cause I didn't want to get heartbroken lol. Take heart my friend, enjoy your World Cup.

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Nice to catch the video from you perspective!

It was such a journey for Mexico! Glad that you were part of it and saw the action first hand.

Sorry bro. I can understand, I supported Mexico against Brazil. I was sad the match turned out this way. I hope next world cup will be better for us all, both Mexico and Nigeria

no need to be sad mexico fought well

Getting there is already an achievement. Congratulations for achieving this far, and by giving all their best.

Gutted for you dude. But I guess that's just life, win, loose or draw... it's the journey that matters and what a journey you've had flying half way across the world to support your country. I'm still gutted it won't be a Mexico vs England Quarters tho 😉

Head up though Eric, here's a beer or two to cheer you up 🍺🍻

A small defeat brings many learnings. Even though you went through a lot of difficulties to get to Russia and went to see your team lose, you have the pleasant memory that you supported your team in a match with a very strong opponent. I hope you have enjoyed your trip. Greetings @anomadsoul

In my opinion, Mexico did well to reach the end of the eighth, you are right that Brazil is not the same as it was years ago, but it is still a formidable team! What you must keep in mind is that your team is very far away and in the other world you can learn from those mistakes to go further.

You may have not won but to be able to be with the greatest is a win itself.

My 'condoleances'..
But you can always pat yourself on the back for getting this far. By comparison, us Dutch, we didn't even qualify this time around :(